1. Reefkeeper28

    Orphek LEDs

    I have a maxspect razor r420r and I'm getting ready to order (2) Orphek OR3, 36 inch LEDs. I was going to get one sky blue and one uv/violet LEDs, but Orphek doesn't have the new OR3 uv/violet strip yet. The newer OR3 sky blue now has uv and violet LEDs on the strip. Now finally the question lol...
  2. Orphek

    Buy Today! THE NEW Orphek OR 120/ 90 /60 - Bars LED Lights

    *Update 29/4/2020 :New version of Orphek OR3 reef bar LED light So please check the new product page here : https://orphek.com/or2-150-120-90-60-reef-led-lighting/ Orphek OR series are the coolest LED Lighting Bars for aquariums. For optimal SPS/LPS coral growth, color and illumination...