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  1. Pieces of the Ocean

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Build your own high-end SPS frag pack and save!

    Mix and Match 3-Frag Pack and Save 25% OR Mix and Match 5-Frag Pack and Save 35% https://www.piecesoftheocean.com/collections/our-collection https://www.piecesoftheocean.com/collections/our-collection
  2. Daedalus8311

    Wisconsin Live Goods Acro build a pack JF Homewrecker, TSA, CB, POTO, RR, TCK, ARC

    Several pieces available, piece together your own pack. TSA, RR, JF, POTO, 818. All are homegrown. Shipping runs $55 overnight or free at $400 Shipping:UPS Priority Overnight. DOA Policy: Standard DOA applies within the first 2 hours of first delivery attempt. Pictures of dead specimens...
  3. Pieces of the Ocean

    Live Goods SPONSOR ! ! ! Up to Extra 35% Off of Sale Price, Promo Code Inside POTO Pre-Black Friday

  4. Daedalus8311

    Wisconsin Live Goods SOLD Instant Baller SPS packs JF HW, CB, Prom Queen, POTO, Rainbow Diaseris

    Offering up some Baller packs, each pack includes shipping in the price. Mother colonies are posted below. Pack A. $565 shipped Left to right POTO Super Mario JF Homewrecker MC Prom Queen BC Xmas Pack B: $300 shipped JF Homewrecker POTO Dino Fury CB Maleficent Pink Minefield zoa Pack C...
  5. Daedalus8311

    Wisconsin Live Goods SOLD JF Homewrecker, RR, POTO, CB, Rainbow Diaseris plates

    Everything here is aquacultured including the plate corals! Extremely hardy plates. Mother photos are listed below the available frags. All prices include shipping. If would like to add plate to SPS pack, it will be discounted due to included shipping in price. Pack 1- $295 shipped Left to...
  6. Pieces of the Ocean

    POTO Easter WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE Lightning Sale Friday 4/15 starts at 12pm EST

    Friday, April 15th 12pm EST 500+ Corals All Drop at Once Website Exclusive www.piecesoftheocean.com On Friday, 4/15/22 at 12pm EST. we will drop all the corals at once on our website. Everything is WYSIWYG unless otherwise stated, and first come first serve. To get the item you want, make...
  7. blue.flyzz

    Disappointed To Say The Least With Pieces of the Ocean

    I found POTO on FB and checked out their auctions. I was very surprised to see fish included. I won a Mystery Wrasse for $66, I was thrilled. I also won 2 "add-on"/minor corals, a one polyp zoa and clove which both totaled around $15. Items were to ship today and I get an e-mail late in the...
  8. Elder1945

    P.O.T.O RAP NY EcoTech stands By Elder1945

    Well as some of you may know i will be going to hang out both days at RAP NY. I think I will be bugging the R2R booth quite a lot and eating all of the popcorn :). This build is for Kenny and Pieces of the Ocean. They needed new stands to hold there EcoTech lights over there frag tanks. This...
  9. Pieces of the Ocean

    POTO's Official Eye Candy Thread of Past and Present

    Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more eye candy @ www.Instagram.com/PiecesOfTheOcean. Now let's kick this off with some of my favorites...