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  1. TopShelfAquatics

    We have some CRAZY pieces for the plate lovers out there!

    Where are all the plate lovers at?? Some absolutely stunning pieces are now available on our site. Hurry these won't last long! SEE THEM HERE
  2. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Torches, hammers, frogspawns, sps, plates, and lots more

    Trying to make room in my frag tanks, have lots of different corals and great prices. I will offer shipping through UPS only and I only ship on tuesdays. I have a standard 2 hour DOA. I will only ship with orders $175 and higher. Free shipping at $350 and up. The higher end torches will be...
  3. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Tsa HG Torches, sps, monties, Duncan’s, nems, etc

    Selling a wide variety of corals, pics are lettered with each coral for sale. Also have multiple pics if you need a better shot. Will start shipping as long as the weather allows it where you live. Shipping is $45 to the lower 48 states. To ship buyer must spend $200 min. Free shipping for...
  4. I

    Plate coral puzzle

    I've lost one medium orange plate just after 2 days I recieved (online purchase) Bough a second one to replace, been feeding it every night and after 6 notices tissue loss around the mouth, will it recover after a small tissue los? When I feed them I try to keep shrimp away until they swallow...