rainbow acans

  1. ChaosAquaculture

    Website update, price drops, bounce mushrooms for dayssss

    Cyphastrea for days, Skittles Bomb, Bizzarro,Hi-C, you name it its in here., click photo Insane looking OG's available and different bounce,click photo Ridiculous looking Rainbow acans, click photo Goni's that will make any collector smile, click photo Rainbow Chalices price drops and will...
  2. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Friday Auction Announcement - Friday, Dec. 14TH - On the Official Frags Auct

    Friday Auctions are posted on The Official Frags Auction House Group. Members of the group can access the photo album by clicking here. If you're NOT a member yet, request to join today so you're approved in time to submit your bids. Request to join by clicking here. CLICK HERE FOR FULL...
  3. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock We got a killer auction going tonight starts at 830PM EST

    Just a couple photos of what is up for grabs tonight, we got a real heater going. Copy and paste the link below and please join the group to bid.
  4. FishyBusinessAq


    We just posted some acans in Davy Jones Locker that are AMAZING!!! Here are a few to tempt you... see them all here: http://ow.ly/SaoT30mgZy5
  5. Darbna

    Insane Colony's added to our WYSIWYG section

    I've added a few ridiculous colonies to our wysiwyg section on our our website. Several are marked down for the next 24 hours. And as a show of our appreciation for this community and forum we wanted to offer an exclusive code: Reef2Reef so members can get an extra 10% off. Feel free to PM...
  6. tristanfish

    FS: Collector Rainbow Acanthophyllia ‘Meat’ Coral

    Hello R2R, Letting go one of my collector pieces. A fave of mine. Price-$950 shipped The usual shipping policy and DOA. Overnight, styrofoam with heat packs as necessary. Pictures taken: Lights-Under reefbrite with blue plus Camera-70d Lens-100mm Thanks for peeking, BrooklynChem

    Livestock Rainbow Acan 4 Pack from Coralust Reef Solutions

    These are 4 beautiful hand picked rainbow acan frags from Coralust Reef Solutions. The pictures, one white light and one actinic, are WYSIWYG. This coral pack can be purchased right now on R2R using paypal. Just click the top right "buy now" button. Feel free to browse our website...