rainbow tenuis

  1. Joe Knows Reefs

    New Auctions Just Posted!!! by Joe Knows Reefs

    We are back at it with weekly auctions again! Come over and join us for some fun and NICE corals. Right now we will start out with around 25 pieces per week, although that is likely to increase as we begin to reestablish our presence following a yearlong hiatus. That means there are plenty of...
  2. Joe Knows Reefs

    30% OFF Back to School Sale at JoeKnowsReefs.com !!!

    We have uploaded HUNDREDS of new corals with a GREAT SELECTION including very hard to find gonis, favias, SPS and MORE!! Use coupon code 30SCHOOL to receive your discount. https://www.joeknowsreefs.com/new-arrivals/
  3. Joe Knows Reefs

    JOE'S CHRISTMAS in JULY LIVE SALE - July 31, 2021 - Official Thread!!!

    It's time for another HOT Live Sale here on R2R with our fellow reefing family! We invite you to JOIN US RIGHT HERE on JULY 31st FROM 6pm - MIDNIGHT (Eastern) for our "CHRISTMAS in JULY LIVE SALE" Here are a few teasers of actual corals that will be in the sale...
  4. Living Reef Orlando

    Our new acro LRO Voodoo Child IS OUT!! Frags available!

    LRO Voodoo Child is HOT and ready to rock! It's been cooking for a while and it's finally hot and ready to be served!! I have 4 Frags available and after that, it goes back into grow out. The 4 frags will be $450 shipped.
  5. Joe Knows Reefs

    Joe's Scorchin' Summer Live Sale - June 12th - OFFICIAL THREAD

    Things are heating up and our tanks are full... That means it's time for another HOT Live Sale here on R2R with out fellow reefing family! We invite you to JOIN US RIGHT HERE on JUNE 12th FROM 6pm - MIDNIGHT (Eastern) for our "Scorchin' Summer Live Sale" TEASER PICS...
  6. Joe Knows Reefs

    New WYSIWYG for the New YEAR! at JoeKnowsReefs.com

    Happy New Year to all of our family and friends out there! While 2020 certainly came with some challenges, it also came with some blessings. Try not to focus on the negative, more so on the positive...like how positively beautiful this hobby is! We are looking forward to getting back on the...
  7. Joe Knows Reefs

    Over 50 New WYSIWYG Acros Just Posted at JoeKnowsReefs.com

    TGIFF!! Thank Goodness It's Frag Friday!!!! We just posted over 50 HOT new WYSIWYG acros to the site. Head on over and check them out! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS!
  8. Joe Knows Reefs

    New HUMPDAY WYSIWYG at JoeKnowsReefs.com

    Happy humpday to all you work week warriors out there! Brighten up the second half of your week with a little tank love from our reefs to yours! We just gave the site a little facelift with a nice selection and variety of new additions. Head on over and check them out! CLICK HERE FOR NEW...
  9. Joe Knows Reefs

    Purple Phantom Anemones PLUS New WYSIWYG at JoeKnowsReefs.com

    We were lucky enough to secure a few of these neat new "Purple Phantom" bubble tip anemones from our friends at Golden Basket Reef. In addition to the "Purple Phantoms" we also received some nice "Flame Tips" as well. We have posted up a few of each anemone as well as several nice WYSIWYG...
  10. Joe Knows Reefs

    Joe's Heatwave LIVE SALE - Aug 15th - OFFICIAL THREAD!

    Here in Charleston, SC we are on a HOT STREAK with 90+ degree days...going on 26 days in a row right now. To add to that, we have LOADS of corals looking for new homes. So on August 15th, why not stay indoors in the cool AC with a popsicle, white gloves, us and R2R?! Many people are starting...
  11. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA's HOTTEST ACRO of the Year!

    TSA BioShock We've waited years to name this piece and finally release it to the public. This piece is the nastiest rainbow tenuis in our collection. It takes time to mature and develop the purples( you can see some coming into the frag) but oh boy is it absolutely worth it.
  12. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT NEW Release!! TSA Haymaker!!

    This one will knock your socks off
  13. ReefersDirect

    The Official Rainbow Tenuis Show Off Thread

    We've noticed that there are a ton of awesome rainbow tenuis out there. This thread is for all you addicts collectors to share pictures of your favorites! Feel free to post some tips on keeping that particular pieces as well to help others out! We'll start it off with some of ours RD Dragon...