red sea 20

  1. V

    Redsea Max Nano Cube

    I am selling a RedSea Max Nano with a black stand. Items included : Upgraded Mightjet return pump Redsea ReefLed 50 Skimmer ATO Extra filter sock I am located in Roanoke VA but can deliver. Everything is in great condition and asking $500 for the whole setup.
  2. legacy2mj

    Radion XR15 blue

    I was really excited to get this light for one of my new builds. Just a little Red Sea nano I’m putting together to use as a frag tank. … The Radion is kinda weak par wise. No wonder the schedule puts it straight to 100%. I have a par reader and I Maybe 5 inches below water surface it’s hitting...
  3. R

    Colorado Aquariums Drygoods SOLD RedSea Max NANO - 20 gallon Tank & Stand$550

    An All-In-One aquarium system consisting of a 20 gallon rimless flat panel tank, matching stand, light, return pump, skimmer, water level top off. Tank, stand, and components are in gently used condition. The tank has been taken down, thoroughly cleaned, and is ready for transport. Features...
  4. K

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Red Sea Max 20 gallon tank with stand + COMPLETE PACKAGE!

    Selling my red sea max nano 20 gallon tank and a BIG bundle of accessories Comes with: Red sea white stand AI hydra 32 with flex arm Oceanbox anenome boxes x2 one big one small Bucket of Red sea salt Magnetic up close lens Magnetic glass cleaner Oceanbox glow magnetic frag plugs Huge piece of...