1. Nagra92

    Brown & green & Other algae

    Hello guys, i am new in Reef world , my tank is now 3 months Old , and i have this 3 different alagae in my tank Now it is 80 gallaon tank Now can any body guide me how to get rid of this alage ? Is there any Fish ? Or snails ? Or crab which can clear it or i have to do my self ? Or it will...
  2. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY Amonia & Nitrate results & Seachem safe

    Hello guys , i am new in reef tank , my cycle completed with the help of live rock , today i introduced 2 new fish in my tank , i also notice my Amonia & nitrate levels , and i added required amount of Seachem Safe ; so now what should i do ? Wait for amonia to come down ? Or water change ? Or...
  3. GamerDadof4

    Build Thread My office 220 build

    We moved into our house about a year ago and my wife and I have both been itching to get a tank up. To scratch that itch - we discussed just getting a small 75 for my office until we found a tank we really liked. We thought about that for about 24 hours and every time we tried to go 'small' we...