1. Reef Kinetics

    Sanjay: I love the product and the service

    Sanjay Joshi: "I have been using the Reefbot since it was first released. I liked the concept when I first saw an early prototype version at MACNA. I use it to test Phosphate, Nitrate and Alkalinity on all my tanks. I just bring the tank water to it, and let it run overnight and wake up to the...
  2. Reef Kinetics

    National Cleanup Day

    On National Cleanup day, we at Reef Kinetics encourage you all to take action and clean the areas around you from litter and waste. Post your before and after pictures #WorldCleanupDay. #reefkinetics #reefbot #ReefBotPro
  3. Reef Kinetics

    Q&A Miamireefkepers and Reef Kinetics

    All you need to know about automatic water testing for your aquarium. Q&A with Rabih Krayem Co-Founder of Reef Kinetics will answer questions and share solutions on how the ReefBot can Monitor your aquarium by running tests periodically, analyzing them and sending you real-time updates via...