ro membrane

  1. cds333

    Two RO membranes in series?

    After watching this video I have some questions. He mentions there are two ways to run dual membranes- in parallel or in series, however the "series" he describes is not actually in series- it is the "wastewater staging" setup designed to take the wastewater from one membrane and filter that...
  2. Leon Gorani

    Should I replace my RO membranes? the blue ones on top.

    I have a 5 stage Rodi system with a 150 gpd ro membrane addition on the top of the 75 that came with the system. I only make about 60 gallons a month, so around 700 gallons a year. I have had this system running like this for 2 years now. should I change the top two blue ro membranes? I have...
  3. WhiskeyCoffee

    Flushing RO membrane

    Hey everyone, I just ordered the AquaFX Barracuda system and I'm pretty excited to soon have 0 TDS DI water for my reef. I've been reading about flushing the RO membrane every so often to get more life out of it. Is this absolutely necessary right away if my tap TDS is only ~80 ppm? Also I find...
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