rrc goldenrod

  1. V

    Texas Live Goods High End Zoas/SPS

    Standard DOA policy Shipping is $45 Frags: #1 Stratasphere zoa (1 Polyp) - $300 #2 Exosphere zoa (3 Polyp) - $140 #3 Deathstar zoa (3 Polyp) - $100 #4 RRC Golden Rod - $60 Cut to order: #5 GMK zoa - $60 Per polyp #6 Fairy Fart zoa - $35 Per polyp #7 Utter Chaos zoa - $25 per polyp #1 #2 #3...
  2. blksubykid

    California Live Goods FS: RR Mystique Cap, and RRC Goldenrod (SoCal)

    Hey reefers I need to clear some room on my frag racks. These have had at minimum three (3) weeks to heal. Prices are listed below per letter of each frag. Pick up in Cypress (90630) PM me with any questions Thanks! RRC Goldenrod A: SOLD B: SOLD C: SOLD D: SOLD E: SOLD RR Mystique Cap F...
  3. Andyf30

    Florida Live Goods RRC Goldenrod Frags - Miami, FL - No shipping

    Hi everyone, I have 8 RRC Goldenrod frags available in various sizes, ranging from $30 to $80 for a big chunk. Photo is an example of an average sized piece (1"+ multibranch) for $60 as well as others shown for examples. Not shipping at this time. Located in Cutler Bay, FL but happy to meet up...
  4. adsf430

    New York Live Goods RRC Goldenrod Mini Colony $150

    Sell my RRC Golden Rod Mini Colony. $150, local pick up in Flatiron district of Manhattan only. Two videos below are from last night, it's on the upper right of the tallest rock.