skimmers and filtration

  1. KJAG

    California Royal Exclusiv SuperMarin 200 Skimmer

    Selling this skimmer because my display tank sprung a leak at the seam awhile back and I’m turning it into a Vivarium. Skimmer is in excellent condition and operates as New. The quality is as expected from RE, thick acrylic, welded seams, titanium screws and pump components etc. I was...
  2. Alex's Nano Reef

    Good Alternative Skimmers for the NuvoSkim Desktop DC skimmer

    im about to finish my reef tank build but the one part that has eluded me is the Nuvoskim Skimmer. it seems that it is always out of stock. so i was wondering if anyone had and ideas of alternative skimmers that will fit in the IM Nuvo Fusion 20g tank.
  3. XLReefer525

    Red Sea Reefer Skimmer 600 [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Red Sea Reefer Skimmer 600. Please add to the discussion here.