1. PV Reefs

    Bleeding Apple Symphyllia

    Beautiful collector’s piece
  2. Roush2000

    Michigan Live Goods Blastos

    I have 2 high end blasto frags a 6h rainbow blasto($250) and a 14-15h Tittie twister blasto($500) that have not been big and puffy like most blastos in my tanks, i imagine i have a fish bothering them or they just don’t love my tanks, but they’re still multiplying like crazy. These were ordered...
  3. Z

    Acan Lords, Scolies, Wilsoni, Gonipora & So much more at prices you can’t beat!

    Some truely insane Symphyllia Wilsoni, Gonipora, Euphyllia, Scolymia, Acanthos, and kinds of great corals updated @
  4. RiptideAquaculture

    Livestock Wicked Symphyllia- WYSIWYG Show piece

    This is a Show Piece of Symphyllia WYSIWYG around the 5-6 inch in length and 2-3inch across The bright are extremely bright, this piece is sure to stand out in any collectors reef shipping for in Florida is 25 out of state is 45 Asking 399.99 .
  5. Starblenny

    Australophyllia (Symphyllia) Wilsoni care?

    Has anyone have had any long term success with these beautiful corals? I've noticed they are more common at LFS (and in sponsor's threads) but when searching about them, it seems like no one has any success with them in the long term.