wave box

  1. Gobi1canobi

    Ohio Looking for

    Looking for new/ used gyre wavemeker with controller
  2. A

    Tunze wavebox 6214 review!?

    So for my new build I want to have a constant wave and I’m thinking of going down the wavebox route. I am however struggling to find reviews of people that actually use them! So my questions are; - would you recommend one? - what’s their pro’s and con’s - what’s their maintenance like (I have...
  3. Sidsreef

    Need a recommendation fire more flow

    Hello, so I have a marine x waterbox 90.3 I currently have 2 MP40’s. I have flow on the back wall and the front wall of my tank. I’ve noticed not much flow in the middle of the tank. I’m interested in maybe buying another pump for flow centering the middle of the tank. I have been looking at...
  4. geckoejon

    Florida SOLD - Gyre FX-250 Dual (x2) Power Heads

    SOLD Gyre FX-250 (x2). Dual power heads, controller, spare parts, and box / manual. In good working condition. Just needs cleaned. SOLD Located in Apopka, Fl SOLD Pm to inquir.
  5. Minhaj Qazi

    DIY Wave Box

    Hi Reefers. Its been few weeks i was Searching for some details on a DIY Wave Box , but couldnt find simple detailed making procedure specially on youtube or r2r. Therefore I decided to Try to make one myself with Hit and Trial and It Worked Wonderfully. Here are some details 1. Using a Used...