wwc grafted cap

  1. Stones-Reef

    New Jersey Live Goods Selling remaining corals to a good home: ~17 heads of Indo Dragon Soul, Utter Chaos colonies, large WWC grafted Montis, and more

    Selling 16-17 heads of indo dragon soul, large grafted montis, large utter chaos colonies, burnt banana montis, rasta zoas, sunny d zoas, small candy cane colony, plus invertebrates and live rock if you want them. Recently moved so everything must go! Everything for $1,200, pick up in Essex...
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  3. Coralick

    Florida Jason Fox sun grafted, Wwc grafted, Cornbread Flaming Phoenix

    Jason Fox sun grafted, wwc grafted, Cornbread flaming phoenix montiporas pack, unbelievable that nature creates such an unbelievable colors 160$ shipped 120$ local pickup Thanks for looking
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