yuma ricordea mushroom

  1. Y

    URGENT!! Need Help, Black Spot & Transparent Blob in YUMA

    I have been fragging my yuma and all this time is fine just now, my yuma has black spot spawning on the edge of polyp and it excretes transparent blob I siphon the blob out but the next day it excrete it again I have 2 yumas a days ago that did (Black Spot and The Blob) that as well and it dies...
  2. B

    Texas PNG Yuma Mushrooms

    We have several of these beautiful Yumas available. Papua New Guinea is a fairly new ornamental fisheries exporter and we're excited to see what comes out of that region. Visit our site to see all availability and use coupon code BLAnotBLC for 30% off. Have a safe and Happy 4th!
  3. PSUolive

    What is the going price for Godzilla Yuma mushrooms like these.

    I just got into reef tanks a little over a year ago. I bought some of these Yuma's off someone local but they have really started to spread and grow all over my tank. I see a lot of people online calling them "Bounce Yuma's" but dont all Yuma's technically "bounce"? I thought only Rhodactis...
  4. 777_Aquatics

    EMERGENCY New Ricordea yuma

    Hey guys sorry been really busy with work and daily life stuff. I got these couple new ricordea yumas. Let me know what y’all think and what to do to help them grow.