zoathid id

  1. A

    Zoa ID

    Hello I am just wondering what type of zoa I have in my tank,i purchased it about a year ago and I still do not know its name, thanks for your help.
  2. Themastaa

    AIO Build 32 Coralife Biocube reef

    Hi my name is Robert. I am from south jersey outside of philadelphia. I am 30 just got back into the hobby this Christmas. Bought my girlfriend a Biocube32 we got the stand from Coralife and the protein skimmer. We are almost 3 week into having it setup. We used caribsea bahamas oolite as...
  3. BighohoReef

    Zoanthid ID'ing - R2R Database

    Folks there is great DB on here for Zoanthids. Wondering how we can keep this at the top for people to see it, Keep it updated an keep it safe :) https://www.reef2reef.com/showcase/categories/zoanthids-jps-database.3/ Keeping R2R up to date one thread at a time :)