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Apr 30, 2021
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Laguna Hills, CA, United States
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so i moved out of my parents house. then a year and a half later i came back and the tank was given the bare minimum effort to keep it going while i was gone. good news some of the fish are still there. bad news some are not. i am currently in the process of reseting while i still have a few fish in it so far i have been successfully and the water looks good and the chemistry is much better. Here is what i have done.
1) 6 20-25% water changes over a 2 week
2) got a new protein skimmer as the old one broke
3) old gyers broke from neglect so got 2 new fx350
4) cleaned filter roller
5) new return pump (just to be safe)
6) built a full hydros system to control and notify me of anything that goes wrong.

i was looking at updated a few more upgrades while im at it (i know not needed but want some information on experience on using these things)
1) add an algae scrubber (no room for fuge got too big of a protein skimmer)
2) add an UV sterilizer
3) ozone to run 1-2 hours a day at night

What are your thoughts. I'm prod that i was able to get the tank back in shape without loosing anyone else. would love feed back and some advice on how to clean the sand and live rocks.

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