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Labor Day Weekend Sale! Up to 50% off, free shipping, free corals!!!

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Epic Aquaculture

The artist formerly known as SawCJack00
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Apr 23, 2017
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Surprise, AZ
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Sale starts at 12:01Am Thursday and ends at midnight on Monday. www.epicaquaculture.com

  • All livestock is 30% off!
  • Buy 3-5 items and get an additional 10% off for a total of 40% off!
  • Buy 6 or more items and get 50% off of your entire order!
  • All orders of $250 or more will ship free!
  • All orders of $250 or more will receive a free frag of RRC Goldenrod Anacropora
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Example frag of RRC Goldenrod Anacropora:

Caring for your picky eaters: What do you feed your finicky fish?

  • Live foods

    Votes: 41 29.5%
  • Frozen meaty foods

    Votes: 106 76.3%
  • Soft pellets

    Votes: 28 20.1%
  • Masstick (or comparable)

    Votes: 12 8.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 13 9.4%