Hey guys! I decided to post up my diy led mount for anyone who is looking for a sleek idea and or just a way to hang their lights. I will definitely say I’m not the original person who came up with this idea. I see many who use tv mounts however I haven’t seen anyone do it like this. Either way I would like to thank everyone who has used similar ideas as it helped inspire me to do this.

What you will need:
- tv wall mount. (I bought this model as it extends I believe up to 27 inches) it’s great for larger tanks. (Thank you amazon)
- two #10 screws (I believe they were 1.5 inches)
- 2 washers and hex bolts
-2inch wide everbilt steel flat bar (cut to size of the light)
- and of course the hydra 52hd itself!

-Total came out to around $35 not including the light.

-The bar was cut to the length of the ai hydra 52. Depending on the lights you use. It may be different.

-I cut two holes at the ends of the bar and those two match up to the mounting holes of the ai hydra 52.

- The middle hole was cut for where the attachment of the mount would be.

Now taking the tv mount out of the box, I realized I would have to remove the mounting tv plate in the front.

Once we did that. I was going to use the existing screws to attach the 2 inch wide flat bar. Make sure you secure it well. You don’t want your light falling in the tank.

Now we attach the light to the bar using the two #10 screws we used. As you can see you use the washer and the hex bolts between the bar so that it tightens the screw itself in place.

******Remember when tightening the screw into the light mount. Be very very careful as you don’t want to go to far as it can damage the components in the light fixture itself.******

Now we mount it and enjoy!!!


I personally love this mount. My wife and I both agreed we didn’t want anything hanging from the ceiling and nor did we want anything attached to the thin glass. This was a perfect alternative as you can do so much with this light fixture. You can attach multiple lights to one fixture or you can make two and attach a long metal bar and attach multiple lights over a long tank. The best part is that you can just move the light out of the way when it’s time to work on the tank. No worrying about hitting the light and putting pressure on the glass and or even having to completely take the mounting kit off.

Anyways... I really hope someone finds this helpful. These were the steps I took to attach an ai hydra 52hd. I’m sure with every different light, will come some playing around with screw sizes and mounting options.