Drum and Croaker

Drum and Croaker is a non-peer-reviewed journal that has acted as an "informal organ" for public aquarium professionals since 1958. It has a long history of providing a forum for the exchange of basic information - and occasional humor. It was conceived in the back seat of a car in 1957 and has remained erratic and irregular throughout most of its life. The original name, "Grunt and Crappie" was rejected for scatological reasons...but it was perhaps no surprise that the first call for papers then heralded the periodical as "an irresponsible journal...by undedicated aquarists".

Since the 1990’s, it has been more fully curated by Pete Mohan and is hosted online by the Columbus Zoo. New issues are typically published each winter. Many of the articles are of interest primarily to public aquarists. However, some of these resources are applicable to home aquarists as well. Some of the most important of these have been extracted and linked below:

Full index:

To use this, just open the PDF and run a search for a term you are interested in. If an article is found, go to the main Drum and Croaker page to find the issue it appears in.

2023: http://drumandcroaker.org/pdf/2023.pdf
p. 18 How to Break All the Rules and Still Succeed at Algae Culture
Barrett L. Christie

2020: http://drumandcroaker.org/pdf/2020Issue.pdf
p. 39 A Review of the Biology of Neobenedenia melleni and Neobenedenia girellae,
and Analysis of Control Strategies in Aquaria

Barrett L. Christie and John W. Foster

p. 99 Daphnia Culture Made Simple
Doug Sweet

2019: http://drumandcroaker.org/pdf/2019.pdf
p. 50 Nitrification Efficacy with Supplemental Phosphorus and Organic Carbon
Barrett L. Christie

2015: http://drumandcroaker.org/pdf/2015.pdf
p. 3 In-House Live Artemia Culture: A Simple, Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance Design
Shelley L. Anthony and Rich Bamberger

2014: http://drumandcroaker.org/pdf/2014.pdf
p. 43 A Guide to Buffing Acrylic
Ryan Czaja and Ramon Villaverde