Reef Factory is the first company in the world to introduce an entire line of smart products designed for marine aquaristics including numerous devices with traditional functionality yet enhanced by modern technology. They offer aquarists substantial benefits, facilitating aquarium management, improving safety and enabling remote control of the tanks. Due to the innovative Smart Reef system, they also safeguard the health and color of the animals.


Let us take a closer look.

10 devices for a beautiful and efficient aquarium

Smart Reef system consists of 10 devices that can be used by fans of marine aquaristics:

  • Thermo control - a device that controls the temperature in the marine aquarium. Apart from standard functions, such as the ability to control the heater and fans or display the current temperature, it can send text/push notifications when the temperature in the aquarium reaches dangerous levels.
  • Thermo view - a modern thermometer that presents the temperature on its display and on your phone. It also sends push/text/email notifications to any smartphone when the temperature in the aquarium reaches dangerous levels.
  • TDS meter - a linear TDS gauge that presents the TDS value on its display and on your smartphone. When the resin or prefilters need to be replaced, the device sends a push/text notification to the user’s phone.
  • Level keeper - an automatic, online-controlled water refill system. In the case of any problems, the device informs the user about incorrect liquid level and refills the water, while displaying the precise refill level.
  • Level sensor - a liquid level sensor, which effectively protects your floor against flooding and your aquarium against salinity changes. Just like any other Smart Reef system device, it also informs the user about any abnormalities by sending push/text notifications.
  • Salinity guardian - a salinity monitor that presents the salinity level on its display and on your smartphone. It makes it possible to track changes and informs the user about any fluctuations in the salinity level.
  • Reef flare - smart LED lamps, one of the most interesting solutions on the market that offers intuitive operation, precise configuration and smart functions. These modern LEDs provide appropriate coloring for the animals and optimum conditions for even the most demanding corals.
  • Smart skimmer - a modern version of a protein skimmer. The device informs its user when the cup and the pump need to be cleaned. It delays the startup of other devices and prevents the cup from overflowing, ensuring high skimming efficiency at the same time.
  • Dosing pump - a remote controlled, precise and intuitive dosing pump. An exceptionally reliable device.
  • pH meter - a pH monitor that presents the pH value on its display and on your smartphone. It makes it possible to review the history of measurements and alerts the user about incorrect pH levels.

Smart Reef - an advanced marine aquaristics system - the first of its kind in the world


Smart Reef system is an unprecedented solution for any fan of marine aquaristics. It makes it possible to quickly monitor the current parameters and to browse the measurement history. The user has access to a parameter panel and dashboards, which provide a scrupulous analysis of measurements and adjustment of all system elements to suit the user’s needs. A dedicated Reef log makes it possible to plan individual tasks and to monitor their history. It can also be shared with other users.

All Smart Reef devices can be easily monitored from anywhere in the world. Each performs its own specific function and can be used separately or together with other devices. If you want to monitor all system elements at the same time, you do not need to buy an expensive central computer. Each device is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and can be connected to your home router.

The system is free apart from just a few select features, such as text messages. Significantly, Smart Reef system is regularly updated to enhance its performance. Therefore, it represents an excellent investment.

Reef Factory - from hobbyists for hobbyists

What makes Reef Factory products and philosophy so special? First of all:

  • the innovative Smart Reef system, which supports aquarium management;
    • online monitoring of all system elements via a smartphone or home computer;
    • alerts and push/text notifications sent to the user’s phone;
    • Reef log, which supports task planning;
    • a parameter panel, manual information input, device data download and - soon - integration with ICP tests;
    • measurement history functionality that analyses changes in parameters in the event of any problems that may occur in the aquarium;
  • smart devices designed by marine aquarists to address specific needs related to marine tank management;
    • no need for any central computer for device management, built-in Wi-Fi module in every device;
    • alert functionality that sends text/push/email notifications directly to the user’s smartphone;
    • minimalist design;
    • remote control and results display;
    • smart functionalities.

More information about Smart Reef products and platform can be found on the manufacturer’s website: It’s time to take your aquarium to the next level!