Welcome to the R2R Cartoon Caption Contest for April 2019.

Put your thinking caps on, sharpen your pencils, and give us a caption for the cartoon below.


This cartoon is by Laura Yang for Reef2Reef. ©2019, All Rights Reserved.


This contest will be conducted inside our forum, so you first have to register for our forum if you’re not on it already. Don’t worry, it’s free and it’s easy to register.
  • Come up with a caption for our posted cartoon by Laura Yang.
  • Post your caption in the thread on the forum. Above, click on “discussion” under the title.
  • Forum members are allowed one entry each.
  • Any forum members from anywhere in the world are welcome to play.
  • Prior winners (within the last 6 months) are welcome to enter, but not eligible for the prizes.
  • Cut-off time and date for entries is April 30, 2019, at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

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Reef2Reef staff will select up to 10 finalists. Those finalists will be posted in a new thread on Tuesday, May 2nd in the Contests and Giveaways subforum. Then voting will be open to all forum members to choose the winning entry. Voting will close on May 6th, and the winner will be announced.

Thanks again to @TopShelfAquatics for being the official sponsor of our Cartoon Caption contests!