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Tank Tour Summer Road Trip! Who is tuning in?? You could win big!!

Alright so here it is!

Brandon Hooten of Current USA and PE Mysis , George Mavrakis of CoralFish12g and Shawn Hale of Fritzs Aquatics are taking a Summer Roadtrip from Dallas all the way to Glacier National Park. We will be stopping at 50+ LFS's on the drive up in only 5 days! What stores along this route are your favorites? Also, we will be met in Denver by Jake Adams of Reef Builders where he will escort us to all the best stores in the Denver area!



We are also going to be giving away a Planet Aquariums Crystaline Glass 80 Gallon R/R System Powered by Current's Loop Lighting and Circulation System, Fish Nutrition by PE Mysis's Frozen and Revolutionary Dry Foods, Coral Nutrition by Fritz Aqua Tech Azox, Phyto 2, Selco and Zoo 2 Pods, and last but OBVIOUSLY not least kept in spec by Fritz RPM Salt, Fritz Zyme Turbo Start, Fritz Zyme 460, RPM Elements and every other Fritz Aquatics Product you can think of.

How to win:

1st Entry: Go here to Shawn Hale's (Fritzs Aquatics) Facebook Page and complete the steps to enter and post in that status update! (super easy just like a few pages)

Bonus Entry: Make a post in this thread about how you would like to win!

Note: YOU MUST COMPLETE THE FIRST ENTRY! Only two entries per person is allowed. One on Facebook and one here. If you enter more than twice then sadly you will be disqualified.

Fritzs Aquatics will conduct a live randomized drawing to determine the winner WEDNESDAY JULY 26TH at 9pm CST.

Good Luck my friends! Please follow us this week along or route and wish us safe driving! -Yknow cause Brandon Hooten might be at the wheel...