All of us had that one fish that when we first saw, we immediately fell in love with and were fascinated about. Perhaps that “love at first sight” lead us to learn more about it and even go further to owning one with taking all the challenges of keeping it.
To me that fish would be the slender snipe fish, when I first saw it something about it left me totally mesmerised. Hence I thought it would be selfish of me to not share this beauty with everyone.
The slender snipe fish are distantly related to seahorses and pipe fish, the shape of the mouth gives it away.
They can be found anywhere from 15 to 500 meters deep (50 to 1640 feet) in tropical oceans such as the Atlantic and the indo Pacific, where they can be found in large schools.
Their snouts allow them to feed on small shrimp and phytoplankton.
I have never personally heard of any hobbyist keeping these in private tanks. However I have encountered a large school of them at the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo recently.
Images from there: