The Microbial Community in a Professional Coral Aquaculture System

Pros: Interesting view into water chemistry
Cons: Cliffhanger. Would love some specifics about quarantine as mentioned by others.
Loved the breakdown of the water chemistry. No coral or fish pathogens. hopeful for the progress into water chemistry and success. Will definitely tune into this topic.
Pros: Was an amazing read
Cons: Dosing diffrent types or bands of bacteria in the beginning or did his population naturally occure.
Would like to know if my con question could be awnsered
Pros: Confirmed many of the practices I have implemented by close examination and scrutiny concerning parameters and dosing. Many of the practices I've implemented with my tank were the result of reading about other reefers success stories in R2R, he confirmed what some have also discovered.
Cons: Love to have heard his take on quarantine practices they have implemented.
Very informative info based on solid success from one of the best, proof is as the old saying goes" A picture says a thousand words"
Pros: Love the interview format.
Cons: Wish it was longer.
I want to read more of these from successful reefers.
Pros: Very informative
Cons: Want to hear more about keeping unwanted organisms out
A very informative and interesting article. Learned a lot about different types of bacteria.
Insightful article! Thank you.
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Pros: I love the interview format. Excellent writing, and novel information about a respected facility that AquaBiomics users could potentially apply to their own systems.
Many, if not all, of us aspire to keep tanks with thriving acropora like Battlecorals. This AquaBiomics analysis is an entirely new way to provide insights on the famously successful acropora husbandry of Adam Derickson. Kudos to AquaBiomics for developing this new method for describing system parameters, and to Battlecorals for generously sharing their data with the community!
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It's reassuring to know that hobbyists like yourself are serious about ensuring that the animals are truly healthy and thriving and spreading the knowledge so that everyone can achieve the same goals. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for sharing these insights! After getting better control over our chemical water parameters in recent years, it seems that the next step is trying to understand and improve the microbiological diversity.
Pros: This was pretty informative and interesting to see such a large scale system be so clean.
Cons: I can't think of any accept it would cool to know their quarantine process to try and replicate it in a home setup.
Over all I really enjoyed the insight into a business and am glad someone is doing some work in collecting data for the greater good.
Very good article that connect microbial life and diversity with success of coral husbandry. Give some ideas to about what create what

Sincerely Lasse
Pros: Very interesting read! I love the research y'all are doing! It will be a great tool for all!
Love it!!
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