Octo Aquatics is a micro-business (one-man operation) located in Phoenix, Arizona. @cromag27 has been designing and fabricating acrylic reef related products since 2004! Reef2Reef is very excited to host this contest sponsored by Octo Aquatics!

A word from our sponsor about this contest:

"I am proud to say I have manufactured a lot of "firsts" for our hobby, such as the Octo Lid™, FFF™, Magnetic Heater Holders and more. Being a micro-business, my best form of advertising is YOU... my current and future customers. Each product I sell is made by myself and really a labor of love. This contest is going to be super easy to enter and I hope you have some fun with it."


Post somewhere online (one of the forums here on R2R, Facebook, Instagram, etc) which one of Octo Aquatics' products you like most. If can be a product you've already purchased, or something you see on the web site that you think you'd really love to have.

You must post your link to this thread and it must be visible for us to confirm.

BONUS ENTRY #1: Update your reef tank build thread or create a new one here in the Members Tank Forum. After you update your thread then post a link to your build thread here in this thread.

BONUS ENTRY #2: If you already own an Octo Aquatics product, create a YouTube video displaying it and post a link here on this thread.

THE PRIZE: $150 credit on any Octo Aquatics purchase, including the original Octo Lids™!

THE DEADLINE: The contest will be open until August 12th. The winner will be chosen by random draw from entries in this thread on August 13th.

**Contest Disclaimer: Winner will be chosen by random number generator and will have their name tagged using the Reef2Reef forum software. You will be sent an alert, NOT an email or message. You will have 48 hrs to respond or another winner will be chosen. In order to make sure you do not miss out on a prize please make a note and check back in this thread on the date of the drawing.








Special thanks to @cromag27 for sponsoring this great giveaway! We appreciate your sponsorship of our community!