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Tunze Osmolator Double Giveaway! TWO WINNERS!

This month we're making it EASY to have many entries! All you have to do is one or more of the following things to qualify to win prize combo:

1. Update your Reef2Reef tank thread this month. (you can update it once a week for 4 total entries) After you update or create the tank thread post the link to your build here in this thread up to 4 times for each week. If you don't have a tank thread then start a new one here: Member Tanks

2. Post a photo of your tank on your Facebook or Instagram account and use these hashtags: #Reef2Reef #Giveaway #Tunze -You can update both your FB and IG account for a double entry.

*Once you have completed the requirements please make a post in this thread that you have done so. If you completed both the Facebook Challenge and Instagram Challenge then you will have 2 posts in this thread to go along with a possible 4 entries for your tank thread. (winner will be subject to prove the requirements were met) There are 6 possible entries.

Winning Prize:
Tunze Osmolator shipped to your door! (TWO WINNERS)

The Tunze Osmolator 3155 is one of the safest ATO’s available. It utilizes an electronic eye sensor to monitor water levels and a backup float switch sensor with an optional audible alarm. The controller protects the quiet metering pump from running dry and reports an empty storage tank. Two magnetic holders for sensors and multiple mounting brackets included as well as a pump. LED indicator lights the Osmolator will allow you to visually see if their are any issues with your top off system. Two technologies of water level monitoring, and built in safety back-ups. The optical eye sensor will keep the water level very steady to keep the salinity from fluctuating in your aquarium. The Osmolator does work well with kalkwasser.

Two Winners will be announced on 12/05/17
Thanks again to Tunze USA!
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