1.1 skimmer overflowing

  1. mauisue

    Skimmer Reacting to new decoration?

    I bought a Large ship Decor from Local fish store For my hundred gallon tank and when I put it in last night, I woke up in the morning with the skimmer overflowing. it’s calm down a little bit as I took it out and cleaned it and I’m still draining an inch off the bottom of the skimmer cup every...
  2. Eva Rose

    Ugh - Skimmer overflowing after using coral putty

    Okay so I used some coral putty & the skimmer has been unhappy. I have an ATO. Skimmer is in the sump I already: 1. Opened up skimmer valve (will dial back in once resolved) 2. Emptied collection cup several times Should I: 1. Raise skimmer in my sump? 2. Fill my top off tank with...