120 build thread

  1. T

    Build Thread My first 120 build

    Got a pre owned 120 with a furniture grade stank and lid from the LFS. My older 40 breeder has been retired to a QT(fattening) tank. Local electrician helped to install 3 new dedicated GCFI breakers. Lights are “Randy’s 48” SPS bundle” 2 Kessil 360 Tuna Blues paired with a pair of...
  2. jason2459

    Build Thread Jason's Tank Journey

    I've been on this site for a little while now and I'm finally building a new tank for an older aquarium. I guess I'll do a "quick" recap up to this point. I started with a 55g I got from my sister-in-law around 2006. 55g with some coral life compact Florence and some glo T5s, CPR Skimmer and...
  3. Aquatican

    Build Thread 120g Build with Corals and Fish Bought in Japan--Reefing from Japan

    I hope this build thread will be of interest to you all on R2R. I am a DIYer and I am living in JAPAN, so I think I can show you some things that you don't see in other threads. These first few picks are of my stand, which I have build myself.
  4. BeardedMcG

    Build Thread Very Good Tank

    I got this Miracles 120g tank from a fellow reefer @hart24601. I haven’t figured out every detail of the build but my first goal is to get the cycle started. It will be a mixed reef with a good amount of SPS. I moved the tank with help from friends a few months ago. It’s a beast with 3/4 glass...
  5. Zachvet

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer XXL 625

    This build thread will mostly be for me to document my build for my own satisfaction. Nothing groundbreaking but I’m moving my current 125 to a Red Sea Reefer XXL 625. Also moving the livestock across the state to the new setup…. Day one is here with the tank build delivered. My son and cat are...
  6. T

    Build Thread 120 Gallon Build Years In the Making.

    I am currently setting up my 120 gallon reef tank. A little background info first. 2 years ago I purchased a new 120 gallon aquarium with most of the equipment. I was running a 90 gallon in desperate need of a refresh. It is still limping along with the two external canister filters and...
  7. Leo95

    Build Thread My Prostar 150 Gallon Build

    Hey All, Set up my tank Jan 1st of 2021, 150 gallon system (120 DT). Loved the set up of the Proclear and a $1800 was the best value i saw on the market at the time. (Yes, the prices have gone up since.). Running a Reef Octopus Classic 152-S 6'' skimmer, working great so far. Have a Sicce...
  8. Matt elvira

    Build Thread Matt's 120 mixed reef (picture heavy)

    New to R2R. Been reefing for about 5 years. I Wanted to show off my upgrade from my 75g tank and 2-10g nanos to this bad boy. Transfered everything over back in Feb 2020. I did this upgrade while extending my patio 40ft lol to many projects at the same time. Everything is growing well. Started...
  9. LowLi

    Build Thread 90 -> 120 in wall build w/ fishroom

    Fts from 10/11/19 should have restarted my 90 when i got back in 4-5 months ago instead of trying to revive it. I ended up getting a 120 for free from my LFS so i planned to go in wall with it so i can have auto water changer and everything else behind it. no more having to run lines across...
  10. Finatik

    Build Thread Finatik's Twin 120G Builds

    Hi Everybody... Finatik Reefer here... :) Not new to reefing, but not an expert either. I've been keeping aquariums since I was about 12, yet I'm always learning something new about this wonderful and fascinating hobby we all love. Please feel free to offer any comments and suggestions...
  11. mattdg

    Build Thread Mattdg's 120G SPS / Mixed Reef Build and Progress

    Tracking the progress of my 120 gallon SPS heavy mixed reef aquarium. Here is where it is at in June of 2023. Starting at the beginning. In March of 2017, a good friend of mine and I moved my 4 year old SPS dominated cube from a 3rd floor walk up in Brooklyn, to my families new home in the...