24 inch

  1. Pelagic One

    24-inch CPR Retrofit Overflow Box with Lid

    Selling a 24-inch CPR Retrofit Overflow Box with Lid (full four-sided, acrylic box with molded weir) - New In Box from BRS - No Damage to Box - Bulkheads Included (qty 3 - 1” Bulkheads with gaskets) BRS Part Numbers RSS24DX - (Up to 1600 gallons per hour) RSS24 - EXTRA LARGE LID BRS lists...
  2. Wrasse-cal

    Black Friday: “best” SPS lighting for 24 inch cube

    All, I know “best” is highly subjective, but I want to see what you all would do if you were me. Parameters: I’m setting up a new tank, a waterbox 75.2 “cube.” (24x24x20) Stimulating max coral growth is the most important factor for the light Connectivity is nice, but I don’t need to be able...
  3. klondike4001

    24" Reef Brite 50/50 Tech Strip

    6 Months Old, Never over 40%, Comes with Inline Dimmer, $120 Shipped
The Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle by VCA
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