25g aio

  1. A_Poythress

    Build Thread IM NUVO 25

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to post my build in this thread to try to get a little more involved in the R2R community. I am somewhat new to the hobby. I had 3 previous tank over the past 5 years, but I’m counting this as my second “real” tank. This is a 25G lagoon that I am keeping very simple...
  2. OldRed1

    Build Thread Macro Algae & Corals 25 Gallon Peninsula

    Hey everyone! My name is Galen. Thanks for stopping by my build thread. First time Reefer here, so please feel free to offer your thoughts, comments, critiques, etc. **Current Tank & Critter Shots** This is my first reef tank, a 25g Waterbox Peninsula AIO. A complete build list can...
  3. OldRed1

    BRS 100w Titanium Heaters: As Bad As The Reviews Say?

    In the process of gathering equipment for my first build. LFS recommended two 100w titanium heaters for my 25g AIO for redundancy. In researching heaters, I came across the reviews on BRS for their 100w heater, and the reviews are TERRIBLE. Is this just small but vocal set of reviews, or are...
  4. OldRed1

    First Timer -- How Many Fish & Inverts In A Waterbox 25g AIO?

    Recently purchased the Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 gallon. It will be several months before we begin set up, and so we are using this time to plan, plan, plan. We know we will be getting 2 of the Mocha Storm Clowns. Of the fish & inverts included below, how many could we reasonably pick? Will be...
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