29 gallon tank

  1. fotuskyt

    Aquascape idea - pls help

    Currently in the process of building a 29 gal set up and here’s the current Aquascape I came up with and a plan for coral placement. Would love any feedback before I go ahead and fill her up with water!!
  2. fotuskyt

    Build Thread T’s 29 gal AIO budget softy tank

    Hi everyone. I’ve been in the reefing hobby since July of this year. It all started this summer when my adhd brain said “let’s get a fish.” Growing up I had a betta fish here and there but if my memory serves me right I was not the caretaker of the tanks but rather my wonderful parents because...
  3. chris.gries.50

    Build Thread 29 gallon classroom tank

    I am an elementary school teacher. I am starting thread to document the progression on a 29 gallon clownfish tank that I am building at the school I work at. I was able to get most of the equipment and some of the livestock through writing grants. I plan to use the tank to teach students about...