1. M

    California Kessil a360x Tuna Blue

    3 x Kessil a360x Tuna Blue lights - $300 each shipped Let me know if you have any questions
  2. B

    Lighting Two (2) Kessil 360X w/ A-Series Mounting Arms, Wi-Fi Dongle, Spectral Controller, K-Link Cable… Ready to Ship

    2x Kessil A360X Controllable LED Aquarium Light (Tuna Blue) used for just over 1 year at less than 50%. Clean and well maintained. Come with: 2x A-Series Mounting Arms 1x Spectral Controller X 1x WiFi Dongle 1x 10’ K Link Cable
  3. Luna Lagoona

    Kessil a360x vs Ai Prime 16HD Side by Side Comparison Video

    Hey folks! So I am finally learning how to do video editing... I would do this soooo differently now. I mention the 35-degree reflector in the video but it's actually the 55-degree reflector You can watch in 4k and you can skip to 5:34 for both running together, or 8:17 if you want to jump...
  4. ADAM

    North Carolina SOLD: 3 Kessil 360X, Wifi Dongle, 90• Adapters**

    I have 3- 360X Kessils, a Wifi Dongle, and unused 90• adapters for sale. I didn’t use the adapters because the articulating mounts I had with my old Radions were able to be modified easily for use with Kessils. *I can’t ship the Wifi Dongle until the lights are sold Bought in November and...
  5. bckey

    Texas 2 Nero 5's and Kessil Spectral Controller X

    I have for sale 2 Aqua Illumination Nero 5's for $185 each shipped. I just cleaned them in some citric acid and boxed them up. They were purchased from BRS in Feb 2019 and put into service in May 2019. They were used from May 2019 until Jan 2020. So about 8 months. I never had any problems with...
  6. Hemmdog

    Build Thread Hemmdog’s 90gal Seaciety and 40gal Vale of Shadows

    Hello! Just starting my build thread for my main display; a 90 gallon I set up in August 2018. Thank you for stopping by and please leave comments or questions below! 7/27/20 5/26/20 2/13/20 11/30/19 7/31/19 3/23/19 1/17/19 And my 40b set up in April 19’ 12/11/19