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  1. Joe's 220 Reef

    New York Live Goods Acropora for sale (pick up only Saratoga County NY)

    I have the following acropora for sale (pick up only as I do not ship) I am in Saratoga county ny which is about 20 minutes north of Albany ny Walt Disney $50 small BC flamethrower love $40 small Green slimer $20 large BC blue ghost $40-50 med TSA ultimate shortcake med/large $30-40 BC blueberry...
  2. OldRed1

    Build Thread Macro Algae & Corals 25 Gallon Peninsula

    Hey everyone! My name is Galen. Thanks for stopping by my build thread. First time Reefer here, so please feel free to offer your thoughts, comments, critiques, etc. **Current Tank & Critter Shots** This is my first reef tank, a 25g Waterbox Peninsula AIO. A complete build list can...
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