1. O

    New tank, 4 weeks later.

    Hi everyone, this is just an update on my tank 4 weeks in. I still have nasty diatoms, started getting alot of green algae. And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon lol. My nitrates and nitrates are 0, and i use rodi water so i’m a little confused as to why they’re still here. I...
  2. Gonj

    Stocking suggestion for 55g?

    I recently got a waterbox 85.3 frag tank, according to the sticker the display up top is about 55 gallons rest is in the sump. was wondering if anyone can share input on colorful interactive fish, nothing too skittish , goal is a reef tank so preferably reef safe or with caution would be good...
  3. T

    Thicknesses of seal on 100gal reseal job?

    So I just completed my first/second reseal job on a 55 gal future sump tank. The first time I did it I attempted the finger method to smooth the seal and it looked terrible. I restripped, retapped, and resealed using a caulking tool on the 10 side (I suppose 10mm?). I’m on day 4 of leak test. so...
  4. A

    Stocking a 55

    Hi! I have recently acquired a 55gal tank and i feel like im ready to try saltwater. Ive had great success with my 4 freshwater tanks. Basically i need stocking advice. I KNOW i want a pair of clownfish but thats all that im certain thay i want. I honestly would do an only clownfish tank but i...