1. dmy535


    Anyone know where I can get a good looking baby clown to pair with my single clown? I’d need to get a small/baby so the older bigger clown can become the female. I like unique style designs clowns, and currently mine is mostly white, with blue and black markings. Anyone know of any breeders or...
  2. Zach B

    608 Tank/Build Updates

    Hey all! Hope everyone is doing well & enjoying a break from the extreme cold. Thought I would start a thread for us to share pictures and ideas of our current or future tanks & builds. This could be a simple update of your tanks status or plans for your next build. Always cool to see how...
  3. WIReefer

    2021 potential

    Hello local reefers, I have been tossing around ideas for our club in 2021. As you all know I recently created this club. I know we are a new club but we are expanding and growing members fairly well! I have some ideas and would love to talk about them with you guys. I will be creating a...