1. C

    PAR Values Feedback/Opinions

    Looking for feedback on my PAR values. I've got an IM Nuvo 20, with a single AI Prime 16HD mounted on the AI tank mount 10" above the water line. I'm using the BRS settings attached, adjusted to 30%. The values are on the higher end of the averages. The readings jumped around a lot due to...
  2. Saminpa


    I have multiple frags available of the following Zoas. AOI-$15 for a 5 polyp frag The following Zoa’s are all $10 a frag!!! Bam Bam Orange Oxide Awesome Blossom Blueberry Fields Bob Marley King Midas Halloween Hornet Smurfs Gatorade Green Bay Packers Tubbs blue Fruit loops Scrambled Eggs...
  3. tim_th3_t00l_man

    New addition to the tank (Acan)

    New addition to the fluval evo setup.
  4. daniefern764

    California Live Goods Acan frags

    Did some much needed trimming on these colony
  5. S

    Acanthastrea Pachysepta next to other Acans?

    Hello everyone, does anybody have any experience of putting Acanthastrea Pachysepta next to other Acan varietys?
  6. Starbuxxx

    Coral ID please - Favia? Acan?

    LFS guy says 1. Favia, 2. Acan, 3. Acan Please help confirm. I have a 150g mature tank, just need to know the best placement for these guys.
  7. CoralsAnonymous

    New Year Clearance Sale - ends Jan 3rd!

    Ring in the New Year with us at Corals Anonymous with our annual clearance sale! Happy 2024 for all of us at Corals Anonymous and thank you for all of your continued support. We have free overnight shipping on orders $349.99 and over to the continental US via both FedEx and UPS. Govx ID users...
  8. R

    Deflated Acan

    I did a water change on monday and I used water I mixed from a few weeks ago and it turned out that it had a very low kh. I immediatly noticed and ive been doing 10% water changes to boost it daily since then and most things have gone back to normal and have been looking good other than the acan...
  9. taytay_1119

    Goni and acan tissue reseeding help

    Bought these frags at a well known store in my area in an auction and they both have tissue recession. I’m new to this and was wondering if they will regrow/recover or if they’re just goners.
  10. K

    Pennsylvania WTB In search of HG Micromussa

    In search of HG micromussa. Located 17972 looking for local first but will buy online if need be. Thank you!
  11. PV Reefs


    25% off discount applied at checkout on all livestock.
  12. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods FS: Poletti Jawbreakers, Rainbow Splice, Rainbow Acans, Various Acros, Various Zoas, etc...

    All sold, thanks!
  13. Mateusz

    New Jersey Live Goods Jellybean Chalices, High End Zoas, Glitter Goni, Nice Acans For Sale

    Have some more chalices ready for sale, as well as some cool acans (some have names I can't remember), as well as some other random stuff. Everything is aquaculture, absolutely nothing is a wild or fresh coral. If curious for more pics on anything or want to put together a pack please send a PM...
  14. alecj

    Texas Live Goods F2M Holy Grail micro

    i have quite a few frags smaller 250, big chunks 350
  15. H

    New York Live Goods ACAN FRAG PACKS - 5 FRAGS FOR $150 SHIPPED

    Looking to clean out my tank. Most frags are 1.5-2” with some being smaller. Acan Packs are $150 for the 5 frags shown with shipping included for the buyer. Check back for more packs and check my other listings for other corals. Standard DOA message me within 2 hours a photo of the dead...
  16. J

    Help my acans are dying

    I just bought an acan frag last weekend. It was from what appeared to be a healthy colony. The LFS cut two heads off for me to buy. I have no idea why it's dying. I have a 16-gallon full of healthy and growing coral. I initially had it on the sand bed in the middle, but just moved it onto this...
  17. S

    Not Happy Acan lord

    Hey Reefers! Just wanted to give you an update on my 13.5-gallon EVO tank. Everything's looking good except for my Acan lord coral. It was doing great at first, all spread out, but now it's getting a bit shy with its tentacles. It used to be larger than Blasto: Instead of a skimmer, I'm...
  18. K

    California any local reefers in Fresno/Clovis/Yosemite area selling soft corals?

    looking for zoas, acans, mushrooms, brains, that are not $65-100 per tiny zoanthid frag lol. The prices up at the pet and 2 local fish stores are insane compared to my last city.. Hollywood had $15-35 nice zoanthid/gsp/flowerpot/acan frags. and if you know any groups on facebook or anywhere...
  19. hexcolor reef

    Tissue necrosis or New skeleton formation ACAN

    There’s new polyps popping up all o er this frag so but the lower to large polyps are folding in them selves and showing skeleton, is this a sign of growth or concern?
  20. Mateusz

    New Jersey Live Goods *PRICES REDUCED* High End Zoas, Chalice, Gonis, Acans, clearing out a frag tank!

    Putting up a large sale post. My frag tank full of LPS has gotten a little ridiculous with a bunch of favias taking over and stinging other stuff so it's time to do a fall cleaning. Shipping is based on zip unless it's over 350 then it's at my cost. DOA terms are standard, no specific time just...
  21. Higher Thinking

    Texas Live Goods Remaining coral for sale.

    Tank tear down. Last remaining corals for sale. Prices marked on photos. Prices negotiable. Located in Aubrey, but travel to Las Colinas several times per week.
  22. Q

    Acan question

    Hello Is that normal the way my acan look from the side ? What is this tall parts before the coral itself ? Thank you in advance
  23. nycfreshreef

    Coral ID Help (favia? Or something else)

    Coral Id was gifted this frag and trying to figure out best location for it does anyone know what type of coral and the name of it ? Thanks
  24. Mateusz

    New Jersey Live Goods Rainbow Chalice, Cool Torches, Hammers, Goni, some Zoa FS

    Bunch of corals for sale, random assortment of chalices, bowerbankiis, some zoas, gonis, and some other stuff. Please send a PM if anything interests you, can also work out pack prices, etc. Thanks for looking Rainbow Chalice - 125 Rainbow Chalice - 75 Rainbow Chalice - 60 Rainbow...
  25. Mateusz

    New Jersey Live Goods Rainbow Chalice/Bowerbankii/Rare Nem/Strat for sale

    Sold and updated whats left to new thread