1. DB131_Reefs

    Hello Hii new to R2R

    Hii I’m new here. Mostly looking for advise on growing my corals. I have a 29 gallon tank that I started in November 2019. This is my 2nd go on a saltwater tank. My first attempt was about 7 years ago with a 90 gallon that turned out to be too much for me. This time around is much more...
  2. Moving Sale: Beautiful Corals for sale

    For sale New Jersey Moving Sale: Beautiful Corals for sale

    Everything must go! North NJ pick up only indo dragon soul torches: $150 single head wwc grafted montis: $50 frags green monti frags: $30 dark red monti frags: $30 utter chaos zoas: $50 frags candy cane/trumpet coral colony: $300 orange acan colony: $200 green acan colony: $150 rasta zoas...
    $30.00 to $300.00
  3. athenagrace

    Does anyone know what this is??

    I bought this Acan about 2 weeks ago. It doesn’t look so great and it hasn’t been improving. It appears to be receding and just seems generally unhappy. Last night, before lights out, I noticed this weird thing on the edge of it and I watched it for a few minutes. I didn’t see it move at all...
  4. athenagrace

    Acan Pest?

    Hi everyone, I bought this Acan about 2 weeks ago. It doesn’t look so great and it hasn’t been improving. It appears to be receding and just seems generally unhappy. Last night, before lights out, I noticed this weird thing on the edge of it and I watched it for a few minutes. I didn’t see it...
  5. Jordan Stone

    New Jersey Livestock Trade Massive Acan Colonies

    20-25 heads been growing in my tank for several years. $235 orange and yellow $190 green and purple Pick up in NJ
  6. Frag pack

    For sale Frag pack

    5 frag pack $125. I've never shipped but willing to.
  7. TheFruitGoon

    Acan Help!

    I’ve had this acan for about two months now with no problems and when I checked my tank this evening I noticed several odd ‘bumps’ on it. They look like little white spots but each ‘spot’ is made up of several little pieces. I’m not quite sure how to describe it. (Will add a picture below it may...
  8. ewoolpert

    Bowerbanki purchased now what?

    I purchased this Bowerbanki from POTO and I am debating whether to put it on the rock work or a tile. I guess I am looking for your opinion on the best way. Never had a Bowerbanki.
  9. N

    Help! Acans dying and euphyllia upset

    Hello recently (the past two weeks) I’ve noticed my acans receding and losing heads from the outside, however remain quite happy looking. This has gotten worse the past week and I’ve lost two colonies and now my euphyllia looks bad. No swings in parameters so I’m unsure what is going on - hoping...
  10. T

    Corals for sale

    Hi looking to sell some of my my corals a lot of acans and euphyllias! A few rainbow acans, two gold hammers each has two heads, orange/blue hammer, toxic green hammer, three head green frogspawn, one head octospawn, three head orange frogspawn, blue/green hammer all branching, and a rainbow...
  11. AquaticCody

    Hi, new here to alot of saltwater things

    So I just wanna share alot of the work ive put into my tank. Its a 29 gallon biocube with 2 ocellaris clownfish and also a false watchman goby. I believe this is an acan along with a meteor shower chalice. If you or someone else think they are something else please dont be afraid to let me know...
  12. Lylelovett

    Target feeding individual heads/mouths?

    Hi all, Dendros, Acans, Favia, Duncan, Frogspawn, Hammer, etc... When target feeding, do you have to feed each individual coral mouth/head for every parts to grow? Or will feeding one "distribute" the food to the entire colony? Thanks!
  13. Catfish31504

    Tube worm on Acans

    Hello, ive has this acans for a while now and its been doing pretty well, but when i woke up this morning i noticed what looked like feathers coming from underneath it, i picked it up and it had a long white tube connecting it to the base. Im wondering if anyone know what this might be, id its...
  14. bReefedBaker

    New Acan addition to the aquarium

  15. A

    Need help to ID two corals

    Hi reefers, please help to ID the corals in the picture. Are they Favia? Sorry these are the best picture I can get. Thanks!!
  16. J

    diseased coral?

    I recently purchased an acab frag from a local fish store. I’m extremely new to the hobby and basically have no experience. The coral was doing fine but I woke up today and discovered a white funnel shaped substance on the side of the coral. I’ve attached a picture, any help would be appreciated.
  17. J

    Acanthophylia & more

    Specials! Need gone! Acanthophylia - $785 Rainbow Chalice Frags- $80 Rainbow Welsophylia - $210 Red cynarina - $240 Acanthophylia will include a free frag of Rainbow Chalice and free shipping. All other shipping is $45
  18. Knawaiseh

    EMERGENCY Skeleton start to appear in acan coral frag

  19. beehive124

    Pest on new acan?

    I’ve had my new acan for a couple days now and noticed a worm like thing sticking out of the side of it, but didn’t think much of it. The worm looks like a feather duster, but no feathers. Any help would be appreciated :)
  20. M

    Build Thread New to Reefing- 4 Month Cube journey - Build Thread

    Note: Please ignore the Ikea light that used for lighting the tank for the pic. Hi All. I am new to reef aquarium and this is my first reef tank that I setup last week. Planning for mainly zoas and easy corals and probably will move to hammers later. That’s all. Plan is to kickstart tank...

    INSANE Acans, Rainbow Hammers, Rock Flower Bouquets and SO much MORE!(Weekend Update!)

    These new additions to the site are looking awesome! Interested in a few? Send us a PM, lets make a pack! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Follow our Instagram and Facebook to get an early announcement on our weekly drops & make sure to join...
  22. musaabi

    Acan eating torch

    My New York knicks torch bailed a couple of weeks ago. I tried gluing it down to a drag disk but it would constantly end up off and floating around. I came home today and I guess it drifted around and got caught by my acan and it’s eating it up! I assume the acan head is going to end up dying...
  23. ewoolpert

    Acan ID and questions

    Good afternoon, I would like any help on an ID on this Acan I just picked up. I was wondering if it is safe to put other acans on the same rock or what else would be safe around it. I also have a toadstool about 10” away, could that be a problem? I have a 13.5 gallon fluval. Thanks much everyone.
  24. ewoolpert

    AIO Build What coral next?

    Good morning everyone. I have a fluval evo 13.5 and need suggestions as to what coral to add next. I currently have a toadstool that is doing well and want to add my next piece. I am leaning towards a frogspawn, acan, or candy cane. All feedback is welcome. Also if you have any other...
  25. J

    Acans closed

    Hello, I have a couple frags of acans and it seems like they have closed up the past couple days. Everything else seems to be doing just fine, the acans have been fully open since the day I got them. My tank parameters are stable. The only thing I can think of is I added fish from my QT tank to...