1. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods FS: A little bit of everything... Poletti Jawbreakers, Rainbow Acans, Zoas, Yumas, Montis, Acros, Yellow Fiji Leathers and things like that

    Hello reefers! I've got a bunch of stuff up for sale, my biggest listing on r2r to date! The following terms will apply: ~$50 UPS Next Day Air shipping anywhere in the continental US ($35 within Tx), free shipping on livestock orders over $375 (before shipping charge) ~All items are WYSIWYG and...
  2. reeffreak911

    Florida Live Goods Mardi gra acan

    Mardi gra acan 3 heads local hollywood fl
  3. Mateusz

    New Jersey Live Goods Rainbow Chalice, Bowerbankii, cool acans for sale

    Have a bunch of chalices for sale, some pectinia, Bowerbankii, and a bunch of cool rare acans. If looking for a package deal on some just send me a PM regarding it and i'm sure we can work something out. I'd like these frags cleared out! Prices list below pics Jellybean Chalice - SOLD...
  4. TrevorHenryTDH

    California Live Goods Acan Bouquet

    9 Acan Frags with my own 3D printed Coral Bouquet holder. These are not glued in but ready to be glued in any order you please or I can glue them down for you before shipping. 340$ Shipped to your door! DOA Warranty -- In an event of DOA, it is buyer's responsibility to send me a clear digital...
  5. Flyingbulldog

    California Live Goods GmKs, splatter acan, flash bounce, torches

    Clearing some space out in the tank! Shipping available for $50 or Free shipping for purchases >$400 GmKs $30 a polyp. Discount for more than 5polyp BSA paint splatter acan SOLD BSA paint splatter single polyp $SOLD BSA paint splatter 2 1/2 polyp $500 FLASH BOUNCE big one $500...
  6. CmMagenta

    Virginia Live Goods Many corals, mushrooms, bubble tips and rock flowers

    We have finished the massive upgrade and are ready to sell fish and corals again. We have 1500 gallons filled with corals we are growing and selling. Thousands of clean up crews and some cute fish too. Call or text if you would like to stop by 540-681-9926 I also ship for free any orders over...
  7. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods FS: Mid/High End Zoas, Poletti Jawbreakers, Yellow Fiji Leathers, Rainbow Acans, Etc..

    All sold, please close. :)
  8. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods FS: WYSIWYG Rainbow Acan Frag Packs $250 Shipped

    Hello Reefers! I've got 5 WYSIWYG Rainbow Acan/Micromussa (whatever you prefer to call them is fine with me lol) frag packs for sale. They are $250 each (prefer PayPal) shipped anywhere within the continental US. They will be shipped Via UPS overnight and come with a standard DOA policy. In the...
  9. Mattc123

    New acan placement and health

    Hey everyone! I had an acan shipped to me yesterday and I just wanted a few opinions on my placement and how healthy it looks. It's been in the tank about 16 hours now and I'm not sure whether he should've opened up or not yet or what an acan even really looks like open in person as I've never...
  10. wvfeefkeeper80

    Echinata healthy?

    I’ve had a Lord coral for a while and it’s doing really good, so I thought I’d get an echinata as they’re similar. I’ve been able to feed it, but does it look open and happy? I expected its lobes to be as open and bouncy as the Lord. Appreciate anyone’s expertise.
  11. AviL

    Illinois Live Goods Taking best offers - birdsnest, acan, chalice colonies.

    Tank breakdown. Taking best offers on ponape birdsnest and acan, chalice colonies. Also have rock with palys and leptostrea. A small green hammer. Some cyphastrea.
  12. Scaggs1117

    Help! Acan coral looking weird

    So I came home and saw that my acans that have been flourishing are now sort of odd and shriveled looking. Almost appears to be brown in coloring. Any idea what this could be? They are frags btw they have 3 or 4 polyps each
  13. rastafan

    California Live Goods Rainbow Acans, Chalices, Blastos, etc.

    Hi there, Spring cleaning time! Encrusted pieces ready to go. Standard DOA applies. I'm in Northern CA/Bay Area but can ship at $50. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks 1. Hyperspeed Acan $60 2. Juicy Fruit Acan $60 3. Rainbow Acan (forgot name) SOLD 4. Solar Surfer $80 5. Rainbow...
  14. T

    Acan care

    My acans have been in my tank for about a week and they haven't puffed up.
  15. B

    Is my new Acan Healthy?

    I recently purchased my first Acan coral. After I acclimated and put it in I noticed that you can see its skeleton. I heard that this may be a really bad sign. It has been in the tank three days now and seems okay. In Short does my Acan look okay? and if not what can I do to help it. Thank you!
  16. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Torches, hammers, frogspawns, sps, plates, and lots more

    Trying to make room in my frag tanks, have lots of different corals and great prices. I will offer shipping through UPS only and I only ship on tuesdays. I have a standard 2 hour DOA. I will only ship with orders $175 and higher. Free shipping at $350 and up. The higher end torches will be...
  17. E

    What coral is this?

    Anyone got any idea what this coral could be? Believed it was an Acan from the lfs but not grown or liked any Acan loving positions in the tank and had it a few months… any ideas?
  18. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Tsa HG Torches, sps, monties, Duncan’s, nems, etc

    Selling a wide variety of corals, pics are lettered with each coral for sale. Also have multiple pics if you need a better shot. Will start shipping as long as the weather allows it where you live. Shipping is $45 to the lower 48 states. To ship buyer must spend $200 min. Free shipping for...
  19. K

    Alabama WTB Micromussa lordhowensis/Acan

    I'm looking for a red Micromussa lordhowensis. Color isn't completely set in stone, but I would love something that will really pop in my tank. Ideally Alabama local or one of the surrounding states, but it isn't a dealbreaker
  20. sharkyahd

    Acan Lords vs Micro Lords?

    I was wondering about the compatibility of acan lords and micro lords. I know some reclassifications happened recently. When they were shown on this live auction the size was the same, but I don’t want to put them all together and have some warfare going on. My build is not big enough to have...
  21. P

    Acan losing skin, tissue necrosis or bleaching?

    Hello, I am a noob. So here it goes.. Acan started off great, amazing color, placed on the sandbed after acclimation etc. Moved it after two weeks cause it started loosing fluorescents. Now it gained fluorescents back for the last month, but I have noticed some tissue loss over the last 2 weeks...
  22. AdamMac21


    Prices are marked on photos. Located in Hudson. DM me offers. PICKUP ONLY
  23. T

    Missouri Live Goods XL Gonis, Torches, Acans, Blasto and Elegance

    Shipping is 45 DOA guarantee plus 24 hours Deals for multiple just ask Shipping only Goni Colony 55 Goni Colony 55 Goni Colony 55 Goni Colony 55 Goni Colony 55 Goni Colony 55 Goni Colony 55 Goni Colony 75 Goni Colony 55 Green with light tip 50 per head purple with light tip 45 per...
  24. Salty_Taste

    How to keep Acan Color ?

    Why do Acans morph and lose coloration? Babies will grow without the 3rd color Spoke to a local reefer recently who showed me a picture of his "Rainbow Acan" when he got it to now... and LOL ITS NOT THE SAME. Been curious to learn more about this and if there is a way to bring it back. I...
  25. Pelagikos

    Acanthastrea Echinata?

    I'm fairly certain it is, I purchased it months ago and now I can't find my paperwork. With all the changes lately... I'm really having a hard time with these acans... but I am starting to get better! Lol ;P
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