acclimating fish

  1. Jordan Wright

    Female Blue Star Leopard Wrasse

    I am thinking about getting a female blue star leopard wrasse from liveaquaria. I have a 55g with about a 2 inch sand bed. On liveaquaria it says that they are expert only, i read that some say that is only because they don’t do well with the shipping process? So if i get one, should i...
  2. Erick Armanii

    Divers den acclimation?!

    Any tips or suggestions to acclimate a fish from the divers den? Or is it just like any other fish I’ve ever purchased? 1,) float the bag for temp (15mins or so) 2,) Open the bag add a small cup of tank water to off 3,) Then drip acclimate for 30-60 mins or until the salinity is the same. I’ve...
  3. A

    Acclimating saltwater mollies to freshwater?

    So I’ve done a lot of googling, and everything I can find is all about acclimating freshwater mollies to salt, but I can’t find anything about the opposite. I was setting up my saltwater aquarium and wanted some cheap cyclers for my tank, so I decided to go with mollies because I read that...
  4. MarineDepot

    VIDEO: How to Acclimate Fish and Corals

    VIDEO: How to Acclimate Fish and Corals Drip acclimate new arrivals to ensure a safe transition to their new home!