acclimation order

  1. Sebastian_P

    Help on the order of fish I should introduce?

    Hello, I have a 126 gallon cycled tank ready for fish. I understand that aggressive fish are added last as to avoid them becoming bullies, but what about fish that seem to have variable temperaments? From what I read, something like a clownfish can be aggressive or calm, while royal gammas tend...
  2. C

    Yellow tang acclimation box

    So I got a yellow tang today and he’s currently in an acclimation box while he gets used to his tank mates , one of which is the notorious …hole purple tang , my question is , how long have you guys had your fishes in an acclimation box ? He had plenty of swim room btw it’s a pretty big...
  3. F

    Acclimation box

    Hello! I’ve got a 65 gallon reef tank with two mocha storm clowns. Nothing else yet, but my young Biota yellow tang just cleared quarantine so I want to add him to the display. If I had to guess on aggressive behavior among the three, I’d bet on the female clown. Anyway, I have a big...
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