acropora tenuis

  1. QCC Pandora’s Box Acropora Tenuis

    For sale North Carolina QCC Pandora’s Box Acropora Tenuis

    Introducing the QCC Pandora's Box Acropora Tenuis - one of the most stunning and vibrant Tenuis Acros that we have ever seen! We've been cooking this piece up for a while and after fulfilling frag requests we have one beautifully encrusted frag available on our site! This piece has a deep blue...
  2. JF Jolt Acropora Tenuis

    For sale North Carolina JF Jolt Acropora Tenuis

    This coral is seriously stunning, with a brilliant blue-green base color and bright pink polyps that demand attention. The JF Jolt Tenuis Acropora is a highly sought-after variety of Acropora, known for its exceptional coloration and unique growth patterns. At Queen City Corals, we take great...
  3. QCC Scarlet Witch Tenuis

    For sale North Carolina QCC Scarlet Witch Tenuis

    If you're like us and you love chunky sticks, then you'll love this QCC Scarlet Witch Tenuis! This Aquacultured stick is one of our favorites for obvious reasons, its got great extension of deep red polyps that contrast incredibly with the green and yellow base making this piece really stand out!
  4. NEW QCC Mean Girls Tenuis

    For sale North Carolina NEW QCC Mean Girls Tenuis

    We are excited to announce our Newest Home Grown Tenuis the QCC Mean Girls Tenuis! Don't miss out on this stunning Tenuis with deep pink and blue tips with yellow in the axial polyp. This is a real stunning piece that everyone who sees our grow-out tanks asks about and it's available now!
  5. Walt Disney Tenuis Small Colony

    For sale New York Walt Disney Tenuis Small Colony

    I was able to remove this perfect little chunk of Walt D Tenuis from my display tank, mother colony. You will get the 3" mini colony shown. Pickup only.
  6. kimros1986

    Bacterial attack on acropora?

    Recently I've had some tissue necrosis on a couple of of my acroporas. One tenuis rainbow and one frogskin. I'm baffled on why this happens. The frogskin seems to be stn and the tenuis seems to be something else, bacterial attack? A few months ago I could see a couple of dead spots on the...
  7. Man908

    Wild Tenuis placement

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody keeps Tenuis Acros in the 200 par range and still get good PE and color?
  8. SBB Corals

    HIGH END Tenuis Hoarder

    Hi guys after 3 years I feel like this tank is decent enough and need to start a new tank... I set up a new 120 Gallon Display tank with some bonsai tree Rock work and plan to select some frags from the main display for this new tenuis grow out. its going to be a long journey replicating the...
  9. New Tenuis ready for bed

    New Tenuis ready for bed

    New @TCK Corals Purple Pillow Tenuis right before the lights go out. Love this piece
  10. AquaNerd

    Featured Coral of the week needs a name.

    This is soon to be a new release from Joe Knows Reefs and Joey needs help naming this one. Post your comments below and we will be sure to let Joey know. Read more about it by clicking the AquaNerd link: