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  1. C

    Help with Acropora issue

    Hi everyone, need some help to ID what's going on here. Lost a few Acro to this. Seems to be STN? Does the decay pattern suggest pest? I have not seen amy red bugs or AEFW, just have some pods crawling on it lol. NITRATE - 2 Phosphate - reading zero, but pretty sure their a bit ALK - 8.6...
  2. Bassmaster116

    Looking for a new online vendor? BOOM

    The title says it all, go check out @BoomCorals. Quinn has got everything you need and never knew you needed. This guy has the best looking stuff around and is not afraid to share his wisdom. Trust me its not my first time ordering or my last...Yes i just enjoy his business that much that i will...
  3. O


    Hi... I got this white speckle on a sick staghorn. What's that? Is it flat worm? Removal necessary, but how?
  4. TCK Corals

    New Acro Update + Clearance Sale on Remaining September Products

    We have 75 new acros posted to our website along with over 200 corals on a Clearance Sale marked down 35% off. https://tckcorals.com
  5. cyberNative

    Acropora with a bit of black flesh.

    Hey there, I got these frags about a week ago, chameleon Acropora and a purple Stylo. The Stylo is doing really well, but the Acropora had some exposed skeleton when I got it, and parts with some black flesh. I'd done a revive dip prior during acclimation, and it's generally doing pretty well...
  6. Bassmaster116

    Wisconsin WTB WTB Acro colonies!!!

    Looking for any healthy and decently colorfull acro colonies! PM
  7. TCK Corals

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    If you missed out on our livesale deals, check this out! All weekend long, SAVE 30% Off Our Entire WYSIWYG Collection. https://tckcorals.com
  8. TopShelfAquatics

    Well, we haven't had one of these in a while... A TSA NEW RELEASE THREAD!

    Its been a while since we've done a formal release of new TSA Signatures and there's no better way to do it than during a live sale! You can see these new bad boys live and in action throughout the day here [TSA LIVE SALE] TSA Miss Piggie TSA Taj Mahal TSA Harvey Wallbanger
  9. uniquecorals

    Back To School R2R UC LiveSale! Aug 22 & 23, both days 10am-6pm PST - Huge Prizes!

    The long awaited for UniqueCorals.com LiveSale is here! This LiveSale will be fully stocked with 2 days of fire! Great assortment of different types of euphyllias, ultra Maricultured SPS colonies, Signature corals, new releases, and specialty collector's items, all the great finds...
  10. Kolby_Mitchell

    Indiana Coral for sell!

    Located in columbus Indiana although I can ship -pulsing xenia (price depends on how big of cut you would like) -hydnophora -$30 -cali torte acropora -$30 -pink birdsnest -$20 -blue devils finger leather (price depends on how big of cut you would like)
  11. Tristan

    Chalice coral mucus damaging SPS

    When I do large water changes, I have a large chalice coral (echinopora) that gets exposed to the air so it ends up producing a lot of mucus. When I fill the tank back up. This mucus flows throughout the tank. Last time, it ended up getting on an Acro and monti frag and killed some of the...
  12. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Rosé; Another exclusive gem from the TSA vault!

    For those of you asking, we finalllyyyy have a frag available of this stunner! Unlike most rainbow tenuis, this one isn't a classic combination of red and blue but instead stunning pinks and purples! We've only released two other frags this year so do not miss out! Click HERE to view
  13. 20200705_234508.jpg


    Acropora hyacythus
  14. Rrwilson1223

    Best Acropora for Money

    I’m looking to add a few nice Acropora pieces to my Reefer 750. Recently redid the rock scape and have more room. What are some of your favorites? Where did you get them? All info and pictures are appreciated!
  15. Art Calde

    Florida Livestock Trade Bali Hurlock Acro

    Trading Bali Hurlock Acro colonies for other Sps frags. Make me an offer. My colony was getting too big and I had to trim it. Jupiter Florida pickup
  16. W

    Is this acro doing good

    Is this acro doing good?? This is also temporary tank while 75 gallon is cycling
  17. Oceansinmybasement

    New Acropora Frag problem

    Seems I’m having some difficulty with a new frag I got! I am new to corals and have only had some Zoa’s for a few weeks that are doing well. Saw a Acro frag on sale and thought hey why not give it a try. It’s now day three and seems an entire branch has gone white. On day two it looked as if...
  18. TCK Corals

    4th of July Sale | All WYSIWYG 30% Off | 122 NEW WYSIWYG UPLOADED

    4th of July Sale | All WYSIWYG 30% Off | 122 NEW WYSIWYG UPLOADED https://tckcorals.com Teasers of the new products
  19. zoablasto

    Build Thread My new setup

    I always wanted to have a bigger reef tank, I’ve been dreaming about it for a while, and I finally decided to do it! It’s going to be a 57 gallon seapora rimless aquarium, with a custom build stand and a 30 gallon trigger system sump. For lighting I’ll be doing the aquatic life T5 hybrid with a...
  20. TopShelfAquatics

    Acro Appreciation: RMF Red Devil

    We've had this piece in our collection for several years now and it does not cease to amaze! With its crazy two-tone polyps, smooth cream base and green tint, this piece brings some HOT contrast to our tanks! I'm not gonna lie, its not the fastest grower but the payoff is completely worth it...
  21. Kaiser

    Not sure what is wrong with my chemistry

    i ended up adding a piece of my bubblegum digi to my tank last week as well as my sunfire grafted cap, and they started to bleach within a couple of days. I also started to notice my acros losing tissue on their tips within a couple of days after that. I immediately tested everything and my...
  22. Reefer40b

    USA WTB Acro Pack Must include SC Orange Passion and Walt Disney

    looking for a Acro Pack deal to add to my collection and get some more variety, it must include SC Orange Passion and Walt Disney. Let me know what else you have feel free to PM me a stock/price list if you have a bunch, Thanks and happy reefing!
  23. TopShelfAquatics

    OK OK OK, This Update is NUTS!(Stickheads... this is for YOU!)

    This update made me want to take half of them home! Our new SPS system is finally churning them out and we could not be more excited about the color and growth we've started to get after giving the corals some room to breathe. View here: http://bit.ly/FreshCoralCandy
  24. N

    Virginia Acro Collection Starter

    Pack comes with these: Tyree Pink Lemonade JF Fox Flame Strawberry Shortcake PC Rainbow Walt Disney Red Robin Tri Color Valida Highlighter Acro Red Planet Tyree Pinky the Bear WWC Nuclear Grapes Price is $475 shipped Three packs available PM me!
  25. TCK Corals

    30% Off Flash Sale Sitewide All WYSIWYG