1. C

    Looking for OG purple monster acroporas

    A buddy of mine had a huge colony way back of purple monster which have unfortunately died a while back. It was one of the first few frags that came into the hobby, so yeah he’s an old timer. Anyways he’s been helping me out a lot with my tanks and corals. I wanted to return the favor by finding...
  2. Acropora donei

    Acropora donei

  3. R

    Adding new tank

    Hi, I currently have a 65+15 gallon established tank, and I will be getting a new 100+40 gallon tank. I’m looking to combine both tanks (remove one sump) to reduce maintenance. I also plan to remove all sand and go bare bottom on current tank. What’s the safest way to go? There are two ways...
  4. wsoldier

    California FS: acros

    Local pickup in Burbank 91502 near Ikea. Also have Tyree Pink Lemonade, TGC Orange Creamsicle, CC Needle in Haystack, and a few others. Oregon Tort: SOLD, SOLD (2") UC Strawberry Shortcake: SOLD, $25, SOLD CB Maleficent: SOLD PC Rainbow: $25 Pearlberry: SOLD
  5. legacy2mj

    Advice on how to proceed

    I have a 120 Gal Cade Reef S2 1200 SPS system. Running 5 years. Currently heavily stocked with SPS but could be considered a dense mixed reef since I pretty much have a little of everything in there. I will be fragging out a lot of my current grow outs and replacing. I want to utilize as much...
  6. matskibanov

    Reef Showcase Introducing "The Burning Cemetary" nano mixed reef tank

    Hello everyone! After several months in this hobby, I finally joined this forum but still as a silent reader, digging here and there for others' knowledge and experience. I gotta say that every single post and comment, even the contradictive ones, helped me much along the way as I slowly...
  7. shawnriv

    Coral ID, Please.

    Hello All, I've had this Acropora in my tank for a while and cannot remember the name. It's a blue coral with neon green polyps. Thanks!
  8. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts SPS collector 14 pack (Bk chem, CC, Snipersps, TGC, RR, CRT, TSA, RRA OP, JF)

    $560 shipped - 14 pieces $550 shipped - 12 pieces (Left to right) - CCBahama Mama, TGC Inner Core, Brad B drawjopper(behind), Bk chem Froot loops(nubby), TGC Red Wing Mille, TSA Ultimate Sunset Mille, JF Blowtorch, RRC Rainbow Splice, CRT Toxic Lemonade, TGC Bugatti, ASD Rainbow Mille...
  9. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts SPS Collector Rare 16 pack (POTO, BKchem, RRC, MattV, TGC, BradB, CC, Snipersps, RR)

    16pack $650 shipped Some rare pieces, not huge, but impossible to find at pack pricing costs.... Front (l-r) -RRC Goldenrod xl, POTO Flamethrower encrustment, Brad B drawjopper, TGC Bugatti, Matt V Midnight Madness, Matt V Alias, RRC Cj's Pinky, CC Bahama Mama, BK Chem Froot loops, TGC Red...
  10. J


    Trying to make room in my personal tank. Many corals available including some colonies. I know the pictures are not the greatest, color enhanced, typical photos you see but I just have a iPhone. My lights are also set to a white light as that’s what I prefer for most of the daytime. No super...
  11. rhpmiller

    New York ACROS For CHEAP: Frags and Mini Colonies (UPDATED: GONE)

    ALL GONE I'm moving cross-country in about 8 weeks and need to break down and sell my tank, unfortunately. So I'm hoping to find some good homes for my coral! I have a healthy and great mixed reef tank that has been going for a little over 2 years now, and will be selling my remaining SPS in...
  12. adsf430

    New York High end and mid end acros for sale (not so mini colony’s and frags, Hung's Rainbow, HW, SCOP, TSA, WWC, JF Neophobia, POTO Flame)

    Will do free shipping above $500, below that you buy the shipping label and send it to me. Pick up in flatiron district of Manhattan. SBB Bloodmoon not so mini colony ~ 2.5”x3” $350 JF Neophobia fully encrusted with multiple shoots popping off on 1” XL plug and 1” tall $250 Reefgen...
  13. JCOLE

    North Carolina (4) 400W MH Pendants with 4 years of Radium bulbs

    **PLEASE NOTE** - I am not looking to sell the bulbs individually at this moment. I would like to sell this as a complete system first. If I am unable to sell them, then I will list the bulbs. Thank you. The fixtures and ballasts were purchased new from Hamilton and used for one year and the...
  14. Nburg's Reef

    Build Thread NBurg's SPS Dominant Innovative Marine 170g EXT

    Current FTS (Jan 2023): Intro So this tank move occurred in May 2023, and took a few months to get everything in place and I am actually still finalizing a few things. Having a baby really slows down progress! So, I am going to update the basics in this initial post and will keep it...
  15. Mann_Cave_Corals

    New Jersey ACROS $80

    TSA Carolina Reaper: $70 TSA Dan Aykroyd: $70 WWC Crimson Raider: $50 TSA Fruity Pebbles: $80 Oregon Tort: $50 TCK Burning Bush: $80 PC Rainbow: $50 TSA Bill Murray: $60 Vivid Confetti: $80 Lava Lamp Tenuis: $60 Pink Cadillac: $50 POTO Goofy Homewrecker: $90 TSA Optimus Prime: $70 CR Daredevil...
  16. R

    Acro Mounting Suggestion

    Hi reefers, just get started with Acro, and I would like to get some suggestions on mounting. I will be upgrading in a few years, and don’t plan to carry the aquascape over, so would like the Acros to be removable. Aquascape has pre-drilled holes that can be used to mount frags. What’s the...
  17. uniquecorals

    New Year FlashSale! Jan 20th & 21st two days Sat & Sun 9am-3pm pst

    New year, new coral! Join us for our first Reef2Reef FlashSale of 2024! We have over 1000+ corals lined up for you all at up to 80%+ off ! Two day exclusive event, 1/20/24-1/21/24 Saturday and Sunday from 9am-3pm PST. SPS, LPS, Softies, Clams, Anemones and more! Aquacultured corals all backed by...
  18. JCOLE

    North Carolina 480 Gallon Peninsula **COMPLETE** System for sale

    Hello everyone! I am looking to sell my entire set-up. Due to some personal reasons, I am taking a temporary break from the hobby. I will be back, but for now I need to focus my attention on other things at the moment. I know a system of this size will be hard for someone to purchase at...
  19. Hugo’s_Reef

    California Sps coral up for grabs …

    Prices are on the images local pickup in Santa Ana 92704.
  20. SPS2020

    North Carolina Acropora Frags (Jason Fox, Battle Corals, more) - local pickup in Raleigh area

    I need to clean house a bit and remove some frags from the rack as well as trim some mother colonies. At this time shipping is not an option. Happy to cut fresh frags! Located in the Wake Forest area. Battle Corals - A Fire Engine one mounted frag, can cut from mother colony - $20 ea...
  21. Bot587

    New Jersey Corals FS in Point Pleasant, NJ 10-25$

    I have read and agreed to the terms. Clearing out Frag Rack in Point Pleasant NJ: Slimeball Anacropora Mini 3+" - 20 Electric Lemonade Anacro 3+" - 20 Tricolora Acropora 3+" - 20 Gumball Acro - 15 Immortal Tort - 10 Haystack Acro - 15 Xmas Tree Mirabillis - 20 pink tip valida - 20 pearlberry...
  22. Nutramar Foods

    Solomon Islands Acropora

    The Solomon Islands Acropora have great colorations and quality. These are collected from short supply chain, which eliminate inconsistent levels of care and increase survivability. We here at Quality Marine place the utmost importance on supply chains and are very proud to offer livestock from...

    California Branching Purple Acropora Frag Staghorn $150

    Selling a large frag of purple branching acropora with blue tips. Grows very fast. The overall photo below is of the mother colony the frag photos are of the actual frag I am selling. Frag is about 3” tall and 3” wide. Asking $150. I am in Temecula, CA. Sorry can’t ship this one.
  24. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts SPS Collector 13 Pack *New (TGC, RR. TSA, Mattv, Brad B, CC, Snipersps, RRC, POTO, ASD)

    $485 Shipped Front (l-r) - Brad B drawjopper, RRC Supreme, RRC Rainbow Splice, RR Bleeding Avengers, POTO Flamethrower, ASD Rainbow Millepora, TSA Ultimate Sunset Millepora, TGC Crazy Eyes, RR Garden of Eden Rear(l-r) - SnipersSps OG Voltron Millepora, CCBahama Mama, TGG Red Wing Millepora...
  25. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts SPS Collector 13 Piece Pack (POTO, RRC, RR, TGC, CC, ASD, MattV, Brad B)

    13 Pieces - $485 shipped Front (l-r) - POTO Flamethrower, CC Bahama Mama Millepora, TGC Crazy Eyes, TGC Red Wing Millepora, Brad B Drawjopper, RR Bleeding Avengers, RRC Supreme, SniperSps OG Voltron Millepora, RR Garden of Eden Rear (l-r) - ASD Rainbow Millepora, Matt V Alias, RRC Rainbow...