1. lynn.reef.nerd

    Maryland FS: Acro Pack

    Asking $700 shipped lower 48 states. $650 local pickup 21061 area. DOA policy: * FedEx priority overnight. * Live arrival guaranteed if shipment received and opened within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. * Picture and/or video of the dead coral(s) in original bag BEFORE and AFTER...
  2. Sr5_Reef

    WWC budgie smuggler frags

    Hi everyone, I have some very nice and healthy WWC budgie smuggler frags available. Price includes shipping. I’ve had this since it was first released and you’ll see a picture of my mother colony attached. #1 & #2 - $350 #3 - $425 #4 - $475 #5 & #6 - $450ea Open to selling the mini colony on...
  3. Hardy_Reef

    Build Thread Hardy Reef RSR 350 Build Thread

    Introduction: I have a modest following on Instagram: @Hardy_Reef detailing the progress of my Red Sea Reefer 350 and figured I should document a build thread on Reef2Reef. I'll start by showing where I currently am in the hobby and where I have come from. I dove into this hobby in 2018 with...
  4. killergoby

    Supplemental T5 bulb/fixture choices- Best for SPS growth?

    I currently have a 48" SBox Pro from SB Reef Lights and a 48" T5 in the front as shown. My tank measures 48" long. I'm considering adding an additional 1-2 T5 bulbs on the rear of the tank for better light spread and shadowing issues. Currently, with how far up the T5 has to be mounted to allow...
  5. Wasabiroot

    Needle in a Haystack Acro

    What can anyone tell me about this coral? Based on my limited research it could be Acropora carduus, but information I've found is either contradictory (needs high light or is a deep water coral and is fine in medium light) or sparse. I have an XR 15 blue and was planning to keep it near the top...
  6. L

    Stn from the base or bites?

    Hello I recently detected some acroporas with blenching from the base Colud you identify if it are stn or maybe someone is eating my corals? alk:7.3 Mg: 1250 Ca:500 pO4: .17
  7. X

    what color are your PC rainbows?

    This is mine after 7 months of growth under radion g5 pros running AB+ for 9 hours a day with roughly an hour ramp up and down. As you can see, its mostly red/brown with a green/yellow base. Is this coloration normal? and here it is 7 months ago when I first got it.
  8. Reefglide

    Acropora returning from the dead

    I recently a month ago removed a very aggressive colony. All that was left were skeletal remains from incrustation. Today I noticed it is coloring up and birthing polyps. Has anyone experienced this? There was zero zooxanthellae left after the surgery. Just curious if any of you pros can explain.
  9. Man908

    Tenuis Placement

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody keeps Tenuis Acros in the 200 par range and still get good PE and color?
  10. Reef and Dive

    Lets make an LED tanks par database with builds?

    Par database with tank builds, specially acropora-dominant, under LED lights Hi folks, I believe this is a REALLY cloudy topic. Most of @Dana Riddle ’s amazing articles have shown that 250-350 PAR is pretty adequate for most Acropora. On the other hand we have seen many extreme PAR (800ish)...
  11. Rrwilson1223

    Acropora Rehab

    I made a mistake around Thanksgiving of last year with my main display and allowed my specific gravity to go up to 1.029 for about 3 days. Thanks to a miscalibrated refractometer, I lost a couple of Acropora frags and had 2 brown out. Fortunately, the 2 that browned are in full recovery mode...
  12. Motorcitycorals

    MotorCityCoral's First Ever Monday Night Madness 2.15 Livesale & Overnight Aftersale

    Save the Date Reefers ( And especially SPS Lovers) February 15th from 2pm - 12pm Motor City Corals Host Its First-Ever Livesale On Reef2Reef It's an After Valentine's Day Special You Do Not Want To Miss! We'll be posting 500+ WYSIWYG corals marked 25% off our regular store pricing! Many $5...
  13. reefpizza

    Tenuis WaltDisney no PE

    Hi there, i have trouble find the issue with this acro that have never had PE in 1 month and a half, here some pics after the first week, i have at that time dipped in ReVive 5 minutes and the glueled on a new plug (at night with a white light): This is from couples of days ago (hard to...
  14. Reef and Dive

    Tortuosa turcoise changes - ideas why?

    I’m intrigued why my Tortuosa Turcoise is developing a certain color... It came from aquaculture under T5 in a tank with very low nutrients. It is with me for 7months. Did not grow axial coralites but developed many radial coralites. The colony is a lot whitish than my frag. Here, it developed...
  15. Red Dragon Macro

    Red Dragon Macro

    Red Dragon Acropora macro
  16. Neon Acropora Nana macro

    Neon Acropora Nana macro

    Acropora nana macro
  17. Beej1254

    Ohio WTB WTB Tyree Pink Lemonade and other Acro

    Looking for a good and colorful frag of Tyree Pink Lemonade and any other nice acro. I’m in Ohio. Please send pictures and prices! Thank you
  18. G

    Acropora Bleaching from base

    hi my acropora started bleaching from the base, days ago I still saw some polyps and it still has coloration on the tips just the base started to bleach these are my parameters Calcium 560 Phosphates 0.30 Nitrate 0 Nitrite 0 pH 8 dkH 11 What is wrong and what can I do? I moved the acropora to...

    REEFTIDE’s Absolutely INSANE Eye Candy Thread

    Check out the glow on this crazy JF Homewrecker! What do you guys think?
  20. Macreefs

    AIO Build Macreef's Nuvo 20 Mixed Reef

    Well after a year with my fist tank I feel confident enough to go ahead and post my build. Although I have spent countless hours researching and pouring myself into this tank, I consider myself lucky to have the amount of success that I've had so far. This tank was started December 19th 2019...
  21. kalmanb0y

    How Fast Can an Acro Uptake Elements?

    I am new to the reefing hobby, and I just set up my first Mr. Aqua 12g Long aquarium. After the cycle was finished, I threw in a few test zoas, and they did fine, so when I saw a large frag of an acro labeled "garf bonsai" at an LFS for a good price, I couldn't resist buying it. I didn't have...
  22. Rickyrooz

    Pennsylvania Corals For Sale (Acro's, Monti's & Chalice) Pennsylvania

    I am about due to clear my frag racks. I have the following corals for sale. The numbered WYSIWYG photos are taken under two ATI Blue Plus bulbs. I have also posted colony shots under daylights (Two ATI Coral Plus and six ATI Blue Plus). Shipping is $50 via FedEx overnight, free shipping at...
  23. A

    Red Dragon acro suddenly peeling

    Hi, this morning I noticed my red dragon frag’s tissue suddenly started peeling. I believe it’s a goner but I was wondering if anyone knows why this happened? Thanks!
  24. 4

    SPS Help!

    First and foremost, I just want to provide as much detail as I can so all the information needed is available. I know not all maybe relevant but I've never posted on a forum before asking for help either, so please bare with. We have a 125 gallon mixed (SPS,LPS, Softies, Sea Fans, NPS and...
  25. AndyZ89

    Build Thread AZ’s High End Corals Build

    Hello Reefers, It took a little while to get a build thread but its finally here!! My Name is Andy and I joined R2R in January 2020. I started my first reef tank in February 2020. I’ve always been a freshwater guy and still have a 125G freshwater tank. I bought this Red Sea Reefer 350...
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