1. J

    SPS dead ? Or bleached ?

    Tested 1 Acro for a month and it colored up and looked great. Tank is 10 months old. Shipment of 6 SPS came in yesterday and overnight my red dragon bleached or died? My 5 other SPS I ordered looking great. I’m about to sleep for work (graveyard) so I don’t have time to test my water parameters...

    Can a hammer touch acropora

    Hi can hammers and frogspawn touch acropora, Green Seriatopora? Thanks
  3. Kylell_RC

    Acropora showing small spots of skeleton, STN?

    A bit over a month ago I got my first Acropora (booberry) frag and it was doing pretty well in my Nuvo 20 for the first three weeks. Though in the past several days, first noticed Oct 7th, this frag started showing spots of skeleton at the tips of the Corallites. The day before I do recall...

    WWC Pantera Rosa Appreciation Thread

    While it is no rainbow tenuis this acro sits in a high spot on my list. I've had it in one form or another for about 4 years now and its always done fun things for me. Depending on nutrients and lighting this acro can vary from multiple different shades of pink to an almost red shade. What does...
  5. arnab.sengupta

    Getting SPS Frags

    Hi Folks! Just wanted to know if any farms abroad export sps to India or how to get good frags.
  6. Asagi

    2 acro spawning events in September (NSFW narration)

    Hi Friends, my acros spawned 2 times this month. These silly curls! Have a look in the links below. Spawning Event 1 Spawning Event 2
  7. AquaPhilNJ

    Large Stylo loosing light

    Large Pink Stylophora coral has slowly developed issue which I assume is a common one. The top branches are growing and stealing light from bottom branches, bottom line issue is the base (or trunk) of it now has almost no light. I have never fragged a acro or stylo coral before perhaps this is...
  8. D

    When to worry about browning?

    Hello, this tank is around 5 months old, went through the various algae blooms, one happened because i got sick and couldn’t take care of the tank (someone else fed the tank). Well at the same time my ato decided it didn’t wanna work anymore and my salinity shot up and killed 2 of my corals with...
  9. A Reef Creation

    Weekend web update. New Acros, Zoas, Acans, and more added.

    We updated the site with some new corals. Check them out here
  10. TomSerious

    Dark / Grey spots on Acropora?

    Hello! So one of my Acropora (SSC), I received with a greyish colored spot and thought it would go away in a few months when it settled in. Now it's been a few months and it has grown in, but the grey spot has grown with it ... Does anyone know what this could be? Is this a permanent thing...
  11. melanotaenia

    Huge SPS Lot for Sale (WD, Pearlberry, ORA Frags)

    Good afternoon fellow reefers I have for sale the bulk of the Acros from my Red Sea Reefer 170. I set this tank up when I started my PhD and will be finishing school soon and will need to relocate, so will need to take the tank down. There are 25-30 Acros in the tank, I would like to sell all...
  12. L

    Green Slimer Turning Purple on Bottom

    Hi All - I recently introduced a few SPS pieces to my tank. Everything looks fine but the base of the green slimmer looks like it is starting to turn purple, starting from one side moving towards the center. See the attached picture of the frag on the rock as well as a side view of the tank so...
  13. ReefChasers

    Livestock Save 20% | New Coral Updates! Solomon Island Milleporas!

    You can still save 20% through out the month of August for our Grand Opening Sale, but be advised it will end soon! We've got a bunch of new acros on our website, including Strawberry Shortcake & Blueberry Shortcake Frags! Plus we got some incredible Solomon Island Mille's and we even made a...
  14. ReefChasers

    New Coral Updates! Solomon Island Milleporas! Save 20%

    You can still save 20% through out the month of August for our Grand Opening Sale, but be advised it will end soon! We've got a bunch of new acros on our website, including Strawberry Shortcake & Blueberry Shortcake Frags! Plus we got some incredible Solomon Island Mille's and we even made a...
  15. fersamano

    How to Get Pastel Colours

    Hi! I am searching a tip or secret to get a pastel colours in my acroporas. I ask to other people and only say to me low no3 and po4. My parameters Po4 0.001 (hanna phosforus url) no3 0.4 (hanna nitratus lr)
  16. What really goes into skeleton building in stony corals?

    Advanced Topic What really goes into skeleton building in stony corals?

    Introduction The process of calcification or biomineralization in SPS corals is often a head scratcher for most people, let alone reefing hobbyists. I've always wondered myself what really goes on behind the scene. Through research, I reviewed some research papers in order to help us better...
  17. LAA

    What’s wrong with my coral!? | Plz help!

    I recently purchased a few corals for my 20 gallon reef tank. One of them is a green acropora. I have had it for a little more than a week and at first it seemed to be doing great. But recently it has started to lose a lot of color and looks kinda pale. If anybody knows what wrong with it and...
  18. Coralick

    Florida Starter Sps monty pack, Xxl lobophyllia

    Walt Disney, Bill Murray, Pc rainbow, Jason Fox sun grafted and solar flare pack 250$ XXL show center piece lobophyllia 250$ Local zip 33009
  19. Reef and Dive

    What’s All-Star Acropora species?

    I tried to find everywhere… Does anyone know what’s All-Star acropora species? Sorry for the bad picture, it is pretty new to the tank here and not fully light acclimated.
  20. OcellarisClown

    Wanting to learn about prices of High-End Acropora Frags

    I’ve been in the reef-keeping hobby for about a little over two years now and I don’t typically buy frags online unless something catches my attention or there’s a sale going on. Ive noticed that some sites sell high-end tenuis frags between the prices of $100-300 per 1” and I’ve come across...
  21. smartwater101

    Here is some animated digital art I've been working on, inspired by coral reefs! :)

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured the lobby is okay? I wanted to show some 3d digital artwork I've been working on. Its a series called Coral Planet. All the animations are set up to loop, but the loop doesn't seem to work in the forum :( Let me know what you think! Feedback...

    Attack of the fuzzy sticks

    TGC Kachow ReefTide's Tequila Sunrise ReefTide's Grizzly Mili
  23. M

    Adequate flow

    Hi guys, after I read some threads it's still unclear whether I have enough flow for my acros or not. The problem is: I see no polyps extension at all, all of them are hidden (except one acro). I bought all the frags 5 days ago. Could such behaviour be related to reduced flow in my tank...
  24. Bmartinez76

    Florida Apogee Par Meter

    Selling a gently used apogee par meter. comes with wand that can be unscrewed and stored easily. Asking $300 shipped
  25. Living Reef Orlando

    Our new acro LRO Voodoo Child IS OUT!! Frags available!

    LRO Voodoo Child is HOT and ready to rock! It's been cooking for a while and it's finally hot and ready to be served!! I have 4 Frags available and after that, it goes back into grow out. The 4 frags will be $450 shipped.
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