1. Reefer40b

    USA WTB Acro Pack Must include SC Orange Passion and Walt Disney

    looking for a Acro Pack deal to add to my collection and get some more variety, it must include SC Orange Passion and Walt Disney. Let me know what else you have feel free to PM me a stock/price list if you have a bunch, Thanks and happy reefing!
  2. TopShelfAquatics

    OK OK OK, This Update is NUTS!(Stickheads... this is for YOU!)

    This update made me want to take half of them home! Our new SPS system is finally churning them out and we could not be more excited about the color and growth we've started to get after giving the corals some room to breathe. View here:
  3. N

    Virginia Acro Collection Starter

    Pack comes with these: Tyree Pink Lemonade JF Fox Flame Strawberry Shortcake PC Rainbow Walt Disney Red Robin Tri Color Valida Highlighter Acro Red Planet Tyree Pinky the Bear WWC Nuclear Grapes Price is $475 shipped Three packs available PM me!
  4. TCK Corals

    30% Off Flash Sale Sitewide All WYSIWYG

  5. dowensi

    Pest ID and Treatment Advice Please

    Hi Reefers. I’m after some help as I’m really unsure as to what I’m dealing with here I noticed one of my Acro’s is struggling and spent some time studying it. After a while, I noticed some very small black dots that moved ever so slowly. Only a couple but I’ve seen them on the stick now for...
  6. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT New Release!!! TSA Sour Tsunami

    We've all been waiting for an awesome rainbow acro thats not a tenuis right??? Well, here you have it! TSA's Sour Tsunami is absolutely stunning! Truly a coral that looks as good under daylights as it does under actinics, this is NOT one you want to sleep on! This one will be a flood of color...
  7. D

    Lighting/Wattage for sps ADVICE NEEDED?!

    I’m going to be starting my first sps mixed reef rocks to be mainly sps such as monti cap birds nest and hopefully acros, I will have lps on the sand and lower rocks like Tracyphilia and acans gonis etc I have a 55 (uk) gallons 65(us) and run two hydra 26 hds at around 8inchs about the water...
  8. NewYorkReefer1988

    Adding light after the fact.

    Hey all, I currently run 2 hydra 26’s (with diffusers) using the BRS modified AB+ spectrum (about 54 watts of power) on a 4 bulb aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture with 2 ATI blue plus bulbs and 2 actinic bulbs mounted about 10 inches high on my 4ft 120 gallon sps dominated tank. I am about to get...
  9. G

    Need more acros

    Hello quick question I have a 180 that’s going to be sps dominated but I need help I want to buy a bunch of sps and Indo like bulk does anyone know a good website or a wholesaler that can help me out ???
  10. TCK Corals


    We have a FIRE SPS Sale Starting at 3pm TODAY on our website Sale ends Tues at 12am. Save 20% Off All WYSIWYG. Shipping is $25 In State & Nearby States (Free over $175) $45 Out of State (Free Over $250) Here's a few teasers:
  11. Jax15

    Need acro help, browning out!

    Hey folks This will not be a new topic, but I need ideas. I have a Waterbox 130, running 8-9 months now. I have big Acropora dreams for this tank, and it was going well there for a while. Growth, color.. but then everything seemed to stop on me. Acros went brownish, polyps are unhappy. Nothing...
  12. Mr_Knightley

    Anyone interested?

    Hi y'all! I was recently browsing online on some livestock websites, and I came to the realization that almost none of the listings for acropora had scientific names! This bugs me a bit, because not many people take the time to list the species names, which may be important in the future...
  13. TrevorHorn19

    Has anyone ordered from Harry’s Frags?

    I’ve heard so many good reviews about the price and size of the frags he sells. Just wondering what you all think about buying from him and if anyone has some pictures of frags you have bought from him.
  14. D

    I want to get into Acro, but nothing I see online blows me away. Any recommendations for acros with good fuzz and or lots of color?

    We have lots of LPS, five different Monties, and tonight we got a Red Planet Acro. I want to get into Acros to keep things challenging and, as bad as it is to say, so I have some difficult corals to alert me to the most minor problems in the tank. I think adapting the tank to suit Acro would...
  15. NewYorkReefer1988

    Frags for sale or trade

    I live in the Albany area and want to start getting acquainted with reefers in the area to trade and sell Corals, fish, equipment, whatever with. I currently have: - 7 red monti cap frags - $10 each - 2 pc rainbow Acro frags - $25 each - 1 blueberry fields Acro frag $25 - 2 forest fire...
  16. TCK Corals

    Weekend Flash Sale + Spend $50 Get a free frag!

    If you're looking for a coral sale this weekend then look no further! Check out our specials right now on the site. New customers can save up to 30% off their order. New Weekend DEALS!! Save 10% Off All WYSIWYG Coral. PLUS, Subscribe to our Facebook Messenger alerts to get an additional 10% off...
  17. Mosco

    Dream Aquarium Setup Ideas / Inspirations!

    I have had my reef tank (25g nano) for about one year now. I have learned a lot over this past year, so much to the point i’ve realized it is nothing like what I inspire to have. Current list includes: 2 Wyoming White Clownfish, Lawnmower Blenny, Citron Goby, 2 Rainbow BTA’s, 2 Mini Maxi...
  18. chcgregg

    Acropora 'Target Feeding' Response with Particulate Coral Food

    Hi guys, I filmed a few species of the Acropora I keep to see what their response was to being target fed Ocean Nutrition's 'Reef Pulse'. The Acropora didn't seem to directly ingest any of the food, but did capture some, only to release it with mucus a few moments after being filmed. I will be...
  19. L

    New SPS frags!!!

    Reefer 250 around 18 months old. Finally getting the hang of keeping sps. So I got rid of a big monti and went crazy with the sticks. This thing will be packed if I can keep everything in line. I've got 9 more frags to find spots for. I can't wait for these to take off!
  20. Justen

    30G LED Recommendations

    I have a 30 gallon tank that measures 24 x 16 x 17. Currently only have LPS but I want to get into SPS. I'm using a AI Prime HD right now, but have had bad luck with SPS. I don't want to run T5's as I want a light that I don't have to keep changing the bulbs. I was thinking of a Hydra 32 HD...
  21. thereefingguy

    High light, lower nutrients. Lower light, higher nutrients for acropora.

    Hi everyone. About a month ago I lowered the percentage of my white LEDs + raised the fixture (ATI Powermodule) and haven’t been achieving the same growth as when I was running all LEDs at 100% 4” above the tank with undetectable nutrients. I came across a video of Chris Meckley at ACI...
  22. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Goody Two Shoes..... our baddest new release!!

    If you missed our new release thread you missed this absolute gem! In all honesty, we didn't want to share this piece just yet.... but its sooo darn HOT. So there's a couple frags available and then its back to growing out for the next six months or so. []
  23. TopShelfAquatics

    Our Hottest Acro is BACK! TSA BioShock now in stock!

    Its been about six months since we've had some BioShock available! Make sure you get yours now because once its gone... its another 6 months before we get more! [Click the image to view on our site]
  24. BloopFish

    Does any other Pocillopora exist in the hobby?

    I've noticed that basically every single Pocillopora coral sold and traded in the hobby is labeled Pocillopora damicornis. The genus has many species of coral widespread and common throughout the ocean, why are no other species seemingly available to the hobby? Meanwhile Acropora, the genus that...
  25. Hardy_Reef

    Acropora Growth

    Is it common for an acropora's polyps along the base retract while a new branch is growing? The upper 3/4 of my Green Slimer frag has great PE and solid coloration while the lower portion is slightly paler with partially retracted polyps. My other acros are in good health and continue to...