1. POTO 40/60 SPS Sale Website Exclusive One-Time Drop on Saturday 10/01/2022 at 12pm EDT!

    For sale New York POTO 40/60 SPS Sale Website Exclusive One-Time Drop on Saturday 10/01/2022 at 12pm EDT!

    WHAT TO EXPECT For the first time, many acros and SPS that normally go for hundreds would be priced at only $40 or $60. This is the ONLY time these corals would be discounted this much outside of Live Sale. So if you are an acroholic like us, make sure to mark your calendar and don't miss...
    $40.00 to $60.00
  2. therman

    Ohio Live Goods 4 RRC Jawdropper frags, chunky and encrusted

    Very well encrusted, UPS Next Day Air included. All around 1" on 3/4" plugs with varying branchiness. Can read more about my colony here: RRC Jawdropper Can discount slightly in a pack if combined with any of this stuff...
  3. j1992c58

    Fluval 13.5 setup is there to much in my tank

    Did I overstock for this setup I have two clowns two cardinals And a blenny My setup is a fluval 13.5 with a air prime 16 - with diffuser I have a upgraded return pump siccee Auto top off hyger jebao wavemaker Skimmer fluval And upgraded media basket •I’m trying to keep acros now my tank...
  4. therman

    Ohio Live Goods Overgrown tenuis, 5 pack for $550 shipped!

    5 pack of the following tenuis for $550 shipped. This is a pretty massive discount compared to my usual/going market rate for these pieces. I will cut them this weekend and give them about 2 weeks before shipping. All frags will be ~1". Just click on the name to link to colony...
  5. R

    New York Live Goods SPS COMBO

    Hi im selling all My SPS! due to intense amount of time spending in studying and job i cant handle taking care of SPS … they have color but it’s starting loose the color due to low care that im giving to then… “some” of those corals are selling for 100-300$ each Total are 12 SPS and i will...
  6. B

    180g Acro dominated tank help!!

    HI, guys need some quick opinions on a new build. I have a 6x2x2 180g tank currently in the process of being an acro dominated tank. I have a 60g 2x2x2 that is pack to the brim with acros that I would like to transfer to the 180g but need some opinions on light. I currently have 3 gen5...
  7. Fishyfish22

    Illinois Live Goods SPS Clear the Rack Frag Packs- $250

    I'm trying to clear out my frag racks, I'm putting together a nice pack of the following All are healed and ready to go, $250+shipping takes the pack ;) Standard DOA, pictures of Frags in sealed container within 2 hours of first attempted delivery Bird of Paradise, Oregon Tort, BSA Acid Rain...
  8. jgg1133

    Ohio Live Goods Selling SPS Colonies/frags due to upcoming deployment-rainbow splice!

    As stated in the title, I'm deploying overseas soon and need to sell off my corals. Its too much for my wife to handle four tanks alone. Ill update this as more are ready to go. Need gone ASAP. I can ship the smaller stuff, but the larger colonies I'd prefer local P/U or meeting halfway...
  9. M

    New York Live Goods SPS corals for sale -New York- 10983

    Neon Green Birds nest -$20 Pink Birds nest -$25 Forest fire Digi -$30 WWC slime ball anacropora $25 Hawkins Echinata $35 Blood pool montipora cap $25 pick up in Rockland NY 10983 Pm
  10. N

    Minnesota Live Goods ORA Pearlberry Acro Frags - Shipping Available

    ORA Pearlberry Frags..... a must-have coral for every old-school acro connoisseur. Harder to come by now-a-days. Frag A - $85 Frag B - $85 Frag C - $80 Frag D - $75 I can ship nationwide. Please DM me your zip code for shipping quote
  11. Soey

    is this acropora eating flatworm bites?

    Hi. I got this Bali Green Slimer Acropora today, and noticed these light patch’s on the acro while dipping. Are these Flatworm bits marks? From what time seen online, its possible they are, but i wanted to ask here just in case. Thanks!
  12. Chunky SPS Frags!

    For sale North Carolina Chunky SPS Frags!

    Are you tired of nubs? Well then check out some of our incredible chunky sticks! Whether you're looking for a classic like a Hawkins Echinata or a Garf Bonsai, or want a newer piece like The Vinh, or maybe you're looking for a little more color well than the QCC Majestic Pink and Gold Acro is...
    $49.99 to $74.99
  13. reefer0708

    California Live Goods LOTS of SPS

    Prices on Pics. Discounts on packs. Pick up in CA, 92562. Shipping costs $25 within SoCal, $35-55 elsewhere. Free shipping after $450. Soonest to ship is Monday, 8/22/22. Standard DOA + any carrier delay. Thanks for looking... Happy Reefing!
  14. Z

    New sponsor Gonipora Sale - Akwa Coral!

    So it’s been a crazy day at Akwa Coral, so I don’t have a ton of wysiwyg pics, but I took a few tank shots of our gonis, our acros, and our brain/torch tank. Feel free to reach out to make a custom pack, and checkout the website! Use Code GONI20 for 20% off our dealers choice goni...
  15. BReefer13

    Georgia Live Goods SPS Frag Pack $270.00 Shipped - ASD Rainbow Millie, TGC Cherry Bomb, UC Dipping Dots, and CB Flaming Unicorn

    Hello all, I have a few frag packs to sell, I am asking $270.00 per pack shipped! Pack 1 - TGC Cherry Bomb, ASD Rainbow Milli, and CB Flaming Unicorn Pack 2 - TGC Cherry Bomb, ASD Rainbow Milli, and CB Flaming Unicorn Pack 3 - TGC Cherry Bomb, ASD Rainbow Milli, and CB Flaming Unicorn...
  16. Z

    Ohio Live Goods Acropora Speciosa frag

    I got this colony in about a month ago now, it’s really doing well and I’m starting to notice some differen iradescent colors coming through - definitely some pinky orangey under tones when you rock the blue and Uv LEDs high. 200 For this wysiwyg frag, really big and chunky! 40 for shipping, or...
  17. BReefer13

    Georgia Live Goods ASD Rainbow Millie, TGC Cherry Bomb, UC Dipping Dots, and CB Flaming Unicorn

    Hello all, I have some SPS to sell - see below please. Price does NOT include shipping, willing to make pack deals. Standard 2hr DOA policy. ASD Rainbow Milepora #1 (1.5 inches tall) - $85.00 #2 (1 inch tall) - $75.00 #3 (1.25 inches tall) - $80.00 #4 (1 inch tall) - $75.00 TGC Cherry...
  18. BReefer13

    Georgia Live Goods Vivids Confetti & Chunky TSA Bill Murray

    Hi guys, I have two frags of Vivids Confetti and one chunky frag of TSA Bill Murray for sale, see below. Shipping is available and paying for it is responsibility of the buyer - however, I will work with you on that depending on what you buying. Standard 2hr DOA. TSA Bill Murray - well over 2...
  19. lterna

    Illinois Live Goods Moving - Chicago IL - No Shipping - Malaysian Gold Torch, Rainbow BTAs, Other Corals, & Fish

    Hello, Unfortunately I am moving, and my Red Sea 350 will not be joining me. Will likely be downsizing in the near future, but because I don't know what the plan is for that tank yet, I am going to clean house and start over. All of these items are located in West Loop, Chicago. Local pick-up...
  20. JonEB

    Colorado Live Goods SPS and Softies Sale, Shipping Available

    Sticks and softies fragged and need a new home! Help me out here not asking much- shipping available. Mother colonies are pictured as well as some frags.
  21. Cuse89

    USA WTB Birds nest colony

    Looking to purchase a birds nest acro, colony size looking for a nice display piece let me know thanks
  22. Alexraptor

    Acro ID?

    This Acropora was sold as a WYSIWYG colony, simply under the label "Acropora Sp." A month ago. A month later, Coloring up Any thoughts? My own best guess is Acropora tenuis maybe?
  23. Z

    Ohio Live Goods SOLD -Ultra sps pack 350 shipped

    The first picture shows all 6 frags, and then I’ve got some mother picture frags, or close ups of the frags themselves. I’ll also ship an extra 2 freebie frags with it that will be nice as well - specify, Mille, tenuis, or other for freebies - for a total of 8 frags. $350 shipping included, all...
  24. Z

    Ohio Live Goods Tenuis, Millepora, Echinata, etc, frags to colonies

    I’ve got these colonies and a handful more that have settled in nicely, I have frags cut of several of them that are over 2 weeks old now and can take wysiwyg pics for anyone interested. Size will be a big factor in pricing, but to give you a few ideas. Single spire frags of something like...
  25. CoralWealth

    Pennsylvania Live Goods SPS Packs for sale cheap

    I have these 3 packs for sale, each pack includes the same corals and all are ready to be shipped this week. I am looking for only $250 shipped for each pack, crazy good deal! That's under $35 each before shipping..... Update as of 7/15 all packs are sold!!!!! Top to bottom: TSA Bill Murray...
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