acrylic tank makers

  1. Steven Hunter

    Craigslist Acrylic Aquarium find - Questions

    Hello R2R. First post here, however I have been following the forum and researching certain topics in anticipation for my reef build for a while now... which leads me onto my newly acquired tank. I found a quarter cylinder 60 gallon 1/2" acrylic aquarium for a sweet deal on Craigslist. It was...
  2. NaClH20

    What should I do with this $40 tank? (90 Gallon)

    Looking for ideas on how to make this into something cool. Anyone have any ideas? I bought a tank that is pretty beat up. Here are the specs 90 Gallon Acrylic - clear front, blacked sides and back Overflow area Dry pass through for wires scratched to hell Holds water Seams are all clear -...
  3. Dan Friday

    chosing a quality acrylic tank for next reef

    Looking for a good acrylic tank maker for a 150 gal. cube reef Want to take all precautions possible as my last tank sprung a leak of 200 + gallons and is why I am thinking acrylic this time