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    Acan Lords, Scolies, Wilsoni, Gonipora & So much more at prices you can’t beat!

    Some truely insane Symphyllia Wilsoni, Gonipora, Euphyllia, Scolymia, Acanthos, and kinds of great corals updated @ AkwaCoral.com
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    3 great value Frag packs

    3 great frag packs coming, I’m taking better pictures tomorrow since I just moved a lot of the corals, but releasing sneak peek of them early here: pack 1 ULTRA/Large frag Goni Pack 475 shipped Willy Wonka Pink phoenix Rainbow Blue with yellow centers and pink new growth Rainbow Orange sHerbert...
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    Huge Livestock Drop - Croc Island Scolies, Meat Corals, Acan Lords, Gonipora, the list goes on and on!

    Great new stock just hit Akwacoral.com and use code R2R10 this weekend for 10% off your entire order!! message us if you have questions, wanna make a custom frag pack, or are looking for something not on the site!
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    Torches, Trachy, Symphyllia & Cynaria Packs cheap!

    Torch Pack 375 shipped 4 torches - Rasta, Incredible Hulk, Holy-ish Grail, & Purple LPS Pack 250 shipped Xs Cynaria, small Trachy, & Symphyllia Wilsoni frag on 2” tile. both packs now live on Akwacoral.com feel free to reach out to make a custom pack! also a few pics of our symphyllia
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    New sponsor Gonipora Sale - Akwa Coral!

    So it’s been a crazy day at Akwa Coral, so I don’t have a ton of wysiwyg pics, but I took a few tank shots of our gonis, our acros, and our brain/torch tank. Feel free to reach out to make a custom pack, and checkout the website akwacoral.com! Use Code GONI20 for 20% off our dealers choice goni...