amino acid

  1. hexcolor reef

    Vita chem vs Red Sea AB+

    I’m running out of AB+ but have a big bottle of Vita Chem that I’ve been dosing 1/week. I want to start using it more and fell like this is the perfect time to bump up the dosage since I’m almost out of AB+. It has small particles in it that seems like it would be good for Acros etc. has anyone...
  2. shawnriv

    Browned Acropora: Best Amino Acid? (poll)

    Hello All, I inherited a bunch of browned-out acorpora. What is the best way to get them back to their original, healthy colors? I thought about giving amino acids a try, but not sure which is the best for the problem I'm facing. I spoke with Bulk Reef Supply and they recommended two different...
  3. Isolated Reef

    Accidentally Dosed Spoiled Amino Acids

    Welp, I had a feeling this was going to happen but this is the situation I’ve gotten myself into. I found myself being extremely inconsistent with dosing Red Sea’s AB+ amino acid and looked for something that could be a more automated solution. I settled on Aquaforests amino acid they offer...
  4. ajtomase

    Amino Acid for LPS preference

    I'm looking to do an LPS only tank. What does everyone use for amino acids for the LPS corals? I'm thinking about using one of the following products: CoralAmino Restor AcroPower (only for sos?) Red sea ab+ (fridge) KORALLEN-ZUCHT Thoughts?
  5. BTimms

    DIY Amino Acid Formula

    5g bcaa (unflavoured, no additives) 125 ml vinegar 375 ml ro water
  6. TreyC2010

    LPS Receding.

    Happy Easter! I’ve had some recent bad luck. My LPS came in and were doing beautifully for quite a while, but within the last month or two they’ve obviously not done well. Tank params I’ve measured are Alk 8 (Hanna) Nitrate .2ppm (salifert) Salinity 1.025 I have a Fuge and it’s filthy. It’s...

    Debris in aminos

    Is this safe? Looks like dirt or something only my second bottle ever
  8. BGrand

    Korallen-Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate LPS - THOUGHTS??

    Just ordered a bottle from @Bulk Reef Supply and will be receiving it today. Has anyone used it? What is everyone's thoughts? 90% of tank in LPS/Softie.
  9. TexasReefer82

    Nitrate Levels in Aquaria vs Wild Reef Nutrition

    I often wonder how wild reefs are able to grow and thrive with such low levels of dissolved nutrients - namely nitrates and phosphates. I have an SPS/Acropora dominant tank and I maintain KNO3 solution on a dosing pump just to keep the corals alive - I try to maintain nitrates up to 5ppm...
  10. McDam

    Unconventional Calcium Reactor for the average reefer!!

    Since R2R has been such an amazing source of knowledge for me through out my years in the hobby I want to share this idea with you all. It was originally posted under the chemistry forum for discussion but this has now become quite the DIY project and I think this is a more appropriate place for...
  11. PSXerholic

    Dana, when to dose Amino Acids and Vitamins ???

    Hello Dana, I'm in the rebuild of my tank after Harvey and another Tank disaster and my tank is now filled up with tons of SPS after 4 weeks running and the tank does so far excellent. Thread for whoever is interested is here...