aquarium chillers

  1. quesomuchacho

    JBJ chiller 2.F E.11

    Greetings reefers! I’m hoping somebody has had and figured out an issue I’m having. I’ve got a JBJ Arctica 1/3 HP chiller, when I turn it one it shows 2.F and then shows & stays on E.11. I don’t see anything in the manual or interwebs for 2.F. (There’s a jbj support for F.2…) I don’t think...
  2. T

    Pump with higher flow rate than chiller manufacturer recommends

    I am installing a JBJ Chiller but just realized that the pump I intended to use (old canister filter repurposing) has a non-adjustable flow that is over double what the chiller requires. JBJ recommends a flow rate of 110-160gph. Canister filter has a flow rate of 396gph (1400 l/hr). I am putting...
  3. agame2021


    So I am really new to this whole thing and live in camp verde AZ. I put a heater in each of my tanks and just got an extra thermometer to double check the temp. I have a 20 gal QT tank and a 140 gallon DT. The temp has not been below 83 Degrees F. Am I going to need a chiller? Will my fish even...
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