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  3. Doctorgori

    Coral Foods Fish Foods Chillers Drygoods SOLD Brine Shrimp eggs, sketchy hatch rate

    Yes these eggs hatch but not at the original 90% … looks closer to 50% see pics 1/2 cup of eggs is $7 shipped ….. in ziplock bags in a yellow envelope 9 bags available if interested pm me, ref “bbs”
  4. Doctorgori

    Dosing Drygoods SOLD Dosing Containers 2ea for $25 shipped Multiple sets available

    Used but reasonably clean dosing containers, sold as set(s). or $25 for 2ea SHIPPED See individual post, reference post # when pm’ ing
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  8. N

    Full Marineland 65 gallon SW setup

    Hello! I have a full 65 gallon Marineland setup that I’m looking to get rid of. We are going to get the floors redone so it has to go unfortunately. Here’s a list of equipment and some pics: - Marineland 65 gallon (36”L x 18”Wx 24”H) w/ corner overflow - Matching Black wooden stand and...
  9. P

    EMERGENCY Pistol Shrimp Killing things?

    Hello I’m hoping someone can help me out here, I have a pistol shrimp that I’ve been told is bigger than usual ones, I’m not sure what kind it is exactly but it’s red with purplish legs. Anyways in the past 3 weeks I’ve lost 3 fish and everytime I notice one missing I look in my pistol shrimps...
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  12. N

    Prefer drilled tanks or standard?

    Would you always go for a predrilled tank? Or prefer the standard? What reason? The standard version plus a hob overflow cost nearly the same as this seapora drilled.
  13. Smooch30

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods For Sale...Tsunami 600-Gallon 120"L x 36"W x 36"H Acrylic Aquarium w/ Stand and Canopy (Tampa, FL) - $3,500 OBO

    Selling my Tsunami 600-Gallon 120"L x 36"W x 36"H rectangular acrylic aquarium with custom stand and canopy (standard 15" H, open back) for $3,500. The aquarium is in great condition; it does have scratches that can be removed through polishing.
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  15. toi_ss

    Will this stop fish jumping?

    Hi, does anyone know if having the aquarium completely flush with the wall like this means that the fish wouldnt jump? The black ramp thing on the side will just be a piece of acrylic on a hinge which the external overflow box will be under- this means that the only place they can jump out of...
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    Long Distance Swimmers

    The #BostonMarathon is almost here, and while we can't exactly lace up fins for our fish friends, we do have some incredible long-distance swimmers in our tanks! Here's what makes them marathon material: Hydrodynamic Body: Their sleek, elongated bodies slice through water with minimal...
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    Flashlight Fish Care: Download your Guide to a Glowing Success Story

    Ever felt the urge to bring a touch of the deep sea's bioluminescent magic into your living room? Look no further than the captivating Flashlight Fish! These mesmerizing creatures boast light-emitting organs that illuminate the ocean's depths, making them a coveted addition for experienced...
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    LiveAquaria® Weekly Specials are back. Now’s your chance to get premium aquatic life at incredible prices! Check out this week’s Super Specials that are 40% off.
  19. Blakjax

    Michigan Drygoods Marineland 220 gallon aquarium with stand and sump/refugium

    Size 72'x24"x30" - 220 gallon Marineland aquarium with 2 corner overflows - Marineland stand - Pro clear Red Flex 4 in 1 model 400 sump (40 gallon) - 3 mesh screens for top cover I have two identical setups. If you're looking for 2 tanks, let me know and I'll make a package deal. I also have...
  20. W

    WTB 90g-150g in Michigan

    Hey Everyone, I am in the market for a used tank in the 90 to 150 gallon range. I would be interest in a tank, tank/stand combo, or complete setups. I am in Northern Michigan in the Petoskey area. I'm willing to travel to just about anywhere in the state for the right price. If you have...
  21. C

    Elements help

    Hello guys i just got my icp test results back and i noticed that a lot of things are very low. I also noticed that a lot of my bigger gonies closed up and haven't opened in about 3 days can i get some input all my parameters will be in pics and i have also posted a thread a few days ago talking...
  22. seant2h

    Pennsylvania Aquariums SOLD ***SOLD***NEW Coast to Coast 36"x24"x24" internal overflow tank and Walnut Shaker stand

    I'm selling this tank because I've had it stored inside in our office and never set it up. This tank does not fit our home after we remodeled our family room and now I need a different size tank to fit the room. All proceeds of this sale will go to buying a new tank pending spousal approval...
  23. N

    300 Gallon system

    Hi everyone, I love this set up but it seems I will need to be more mobile than I had anticipated, so now it is up for sale. Scratch free (basically) on this beautiful setup. Glass edges are beveled and polished. This was a dream aquarium for a long time. The stand is a high end custom build...
  24. P

    IM 40 Long setup (Apex, Lights)

    Selling my IM 40L. No issues with tank or stand, I am possibly moving around April and just don't want the hassle of moving my tank! Tank has had water for ~10 IM 40L Tank White IM Stand 2 AI Prime 16 Lights IM Dual Element Heater Aquatop ATO Apex Monitoring System Lid for tank ** Does NOT...
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