1. BornHandy

    Temporary aquarium at the beach.

    Does anyone else do this? Any time I travel to the beach with my family, I bring a 10 gallon setup to see what the local water holds. This tank has a few dozen almost transparent shrimp swimming around. Some of the best temporary tanks are ones that have sargassum weed...
  2. noopsyche

    Giveaway !!! I wanna win NP K7 V3 Reef Light!!! Enter HERE!

    Noo-psyche Giveaway Event is coming again! ! ! THE PRIZE: one K7v3 led reef light Delivery: DHL Express, 3-5 days after arranging delivery; From: China HOW TO ENTER: Entry 1: Share this Thread on social media (each social media platform can be used for 1 bonus entry. So, that could be 1 entry...
  3. F

    Marine Land , Seapora, Deep Blue, Plant Aquarium

    Hi, I had a Marine Land 60 gallon cube rimless. Cracked in the middle of the night. I'm really having nightmares and afraid of this happening again. My stand was custom build and level. Didn't have too much gravel and after 3 months my tank was done. I have been looking for a replacement and...
  4. bert236

    Should I be taking this tank back?

    Bought an aqueon 65 gal yesterday. Wasn’t able to unload it until late last night but I noticed the silicone visually looks like dog food. The silicone looks like a mess at 3/8 of the corners and both panes that could be the front have super wide silicone down them that looks brutal. Should I be...
  5. AquaDaddy

    For sale Brand New just built 400 Gallon Gorgeous tank

    108" x 30" x 30" aquarium made 3/4" annealed with 3 sides being annealed starfire glass. Full floating bottom bracing. Top 4 inch euro braces and three 6 inch cross braces. 16 inch notch cut into the back panel leading to a 24 x 6 x 8.375 external overflow box made out of 3/8 annealed glass...
  6. JAAngelo

    Blue Tang Tank Size

    Hi: This is my first post. I am also new to reefing. I have a 55g tank and have 2 mocha clowns, a fire fish, and a lawnmower blenny. I also have a torch, montiporas, and favia. Along with a long tentacle anemone. My daughter wants me to get Dory. I understand that after a while, I will need to...
  7. S

    Marine aquarium driving me round the bend!

    Myself and my fiancé got our first saltwater marine aquarium last May 2020 in lockdown as we had always spoken about one. We did loads of research and got a 240L juwel rio, it has the 2 power heads, filter & protein skimmer. Currently in the tank is live rock, live sand, 1 x blue tang, 2 x clown...
  8. R

    Neeed help beginner here! Lol

    Hi everyone, I need a little help if anyone would be so kind, I new to all this so maybe a silly question for most on here but I’ve just started my first ever tank yesterday and I’m on the 2nd day of cycling, however I did use the dr tims all in one, so I’m thinking how long do I need to cycle...
  9. ChandlerTingle

    White dots on the back corner

    I was doing some cleaning on my Peacock Mantis Shrimp tank and I noticed these white dots zooming around and curious to find out what they are?
  10. B

    Saltwater aquarium

    Hello, I am new to this hobby and want to ask if the fluval flex 123 marine is a good choice? Is the filter good and the light enough for some corals like anemona? ( i want a great aquarium so do i need to change something or these components are good enough )
  11. S

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Frag tank with everything, 6 x T5 light 18951 $150

    I am selling a frag tank that I bought on this forum and made improvements then I had it set up for a while but I’m moving so it’s got to go. It is approximately 15-20 gallons total with a 10 gallon sump with diy baffle kit, aquaponics tray, with both gate valve controlled durso and emergency...
  12. gdelcristo

    Selling Red Sea 450 Reefer Aquarium

    The aquarium stand is the black color. It will include the tank, stand, pluming pipes that came with aquarium, sump and top. Must be able to pick up. $1,000 or best offer. For more info please call or text 305-794-8305.
  13. K

    Red Sea Reefer 450 full setup in Florida

    Moving and must sell my Reefer 450 tank and livestock. I'm located in Port Orange, FL. If you are not already aware, these things are beasts to move, so bring plenty of muscle. Priced to sell. Don't want to part out unless it doesn't sell in a few weeks. 5 foot long rimless aquarium including...
  14. Danny's Aquariums

    Macro Algae Aquariums

    I love the look of macro algae aquariums. I absolutely fell in love with @tigahboy.h2o (on IG) setups. They look so good and really inspire me to start a macro algae tank setup. I’d love to see your macro algae tank setups for more inspiration!
  15. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    1.024 or 1.026, what's your preference and why?

    Which is a better overall salinity for fish, 1.024 or 1.026 and why?
  16. J

    What are these white things on my girlfriends live rock?

    Are these eggs?
  17. M

    Florida Filters Sumps Plumbing Dosing Glass 40G Sump w/Socks + Baffles/Foam + NO3PO4X

    40G Breeder with acrylic sock holder (1" plumbing), black pvc down tubes (not pictured) to silence the socks, custom glass baffles and foam. Extra foam blocks and socks included (recently replaced) $100 Red Sea NO3PO4X Nitrate and Phosphate reducer, 5L container (about 2/3 remaining). $40...
  18. cleanbuttpotatoe

    Hammer Coral Dying :( I think?

    Hi guys, Yesterday night I noticed that my hammer had shrunken (which is maybe normal) and had its mouth wide open. I have had him for a month and never fed him but about a week ago, I got reef roids. I feed him this morning and he had a mucus reaction with the reef roads which from what I...
  19. T

    South Carolina Aquariums Red Sea Reefer 750xxl for sale

    Selling my Red Sea reefer 750xxl 200 gallon system. Only the aquarium and sump are for sale and come with the original plumbing and 7 gallon reservoir. I’ll also throw in filter socks and media bags. This bundle also comes with a dyi Red Sea reefer mesh top you can build. Asking $3,300 for...
  20. Snaizel

    Waterbox delivery questions

    Hey everyone I was considering ordering a waterbox aio 50.3 but I have some concerns about delivery. I live in South Philly and the city streets here are very very narrow and full of parked cars. Its hard enough to get a standard moving van down here let alone a freight shipment and I've never...
  21. AlgaeBarn

    Cade 1800 Peninsula Unboxing video!

  22. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Waterbox Aquriums Platinum Pro 170.4/5

    I am selling my two year old Waterbox Saltwater Aquarium. I am selling the tank, custom made screen top (over $350 new), stand, and sump only. Everything else in the pictures are not included. The tank dimensions are 54” Long by 25” wide by 24” tall. It is a very rare size. Waterbox only made...
  23. R

    Florida Aquariums Waterbox 5526 Peninsula Aquarium

    Waterbox 5526 peninsula aquarium, purchased directly from waterbox roughly 6 months ago, has been setup as a fish only tank since then. Aquarium is in perfect condition no scratches or imperfections. I moved and aquarium will not fit comfortably in new place. Retails for $3,500, selling for...
  24. T

    New Red Sea Reefer 750 XXXL *AQUARIUM ONLY*

    Hi, I am selling a brand new, untouched in original shipping crate, Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL (not XXXL ;)) Aquarium. This does not include any plumbing parts, sump, or stand. Asking price is 2,250. Albany, New York. Local pickup only.
  25. Noinoi24

    Connecticut Massachusetts New Jersey New York MOVING OUT OF STATE SALE- (POSTING FOR A FRIEND)

    Hello Reefers, My friend Bradley is moving in a few months and unfortunately need to sell his set-up and his pets. He has a freshwater set-up with Discus fishes and some tetras. He’ll be moving at at the end of July. He needs the sell the livestock first before he can sell the equipment. Tank...
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