arid n18

  1. Darkshadow1500

    Nevada Filters Refugiums Drygoods Pax Bellum - N18 - Algae Reactor

    Selling my Pax Bellum A.R.I.D. N18 Macroalgae Reactor, I only used it for a few months before I had to move, haven’t used it since, new tank is 200 gallons so I need it’s bigger brother. Shipping to 48 Only, sorry HI and AK
  2. Elgringodiablo

    Switching from Zeovit to ARID reactor

    So, yesterday morning I went downstairs to check on my tanks and noticed my power was totally off one two of them. It was raining out, so I figured it might be a popped breaker or something. Was basically right, my GFCI had tripped, fortunately it had only been 20-30 minutes earlier, not even...
  3. Scurvy

    Massachusetts Sold - Pax Bellum N18

    I have a brand new in box Arid N18. Only opened to check out build quality, Parts/Power box un-opened. Decided to go with an in sump fuge. Asking $400 shipped.
  4. Wrasse-cal

    Geo Calcium Reactor with Pax Bellum Algae Reactor

    I am having some concerns that I may not be installing the CA reactor assembly properly. Presently, I have the Pax Bellum N18 algae reactor hooked up to a Geo 618 calcium reactor with a 415 secondary media chamber. I have the output of my secondary media chamber feeding into the low...
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