ati sunpower

  1. Chefman76

    Build Thread Waterbox Frag 105 SPS dominant build thread!

    The Mrs and I decided to start a new SPS tank during this pandemic! We went with a waterbox this time around, I'm sure we’ll be upgrading in the near future. The money we saved on the tank vs some others we have put into the components. today was the first day of setup, hung the T5‘s, did the...
  2. Peach02

    Lighting Waterbox 7226

    So I'm thinking of setting up a waterbox 7226 and would like to keep a mixed reef with sps up high and lps / softies lower. So far Ive thought of a few main options. (for those that don't know the tank is 6' 2' 2). I am hoping to hang the light fixture however I may need to use a bar / mount)...
  3. Jettareefer223

    Build Thread "Picking up the pieces" Jettareefer’s SPS dominated Planet Tideline revival/overhaul (Photo heavy/Progression)

    *If you’re not down for a detailed long winded thread I would skip the novel go straight down for pictures/specs lol. As a primer and or disclaimer I’m going to be overly detailed and ramble. This will serve as my build thread share my struggles and progress of my tank. Currently in the process...
  4. Raege

    Build Thread Raege's 75 Gallon

    Hello all, I've been out of circulation since underground filters were the way it was done. I've been catching up on the 1 or 2 changes ( lol holy moly a lot more than 1 or 2 things to catch up on) since last I was in the hobby for about a year. A lot of books, websites, and if course lurking...
  5. sil40sx

    Finally, found a canopy for my AP700 :)

    I've been wanting to add T5 to supplement my AP700, first option was the Aquaticlife Hybrid, but I got impatient waiting for them to be released from customs, so I just picked this 6 x 36" ATI for a very reasonable price. With just a little DIY, its gonna be a perfect hybrid. It's going to be a...
  6. Reefahholic

    ATI LED T5 PowerModule 8x54W 48”

    Only used about 6 months. Tank is shut down. Comes with bulbs. Asking $1,575 Text 713-504-2100
  7. MarineDepot

    ATI SunPower: PAR Values, Color Combos, and LED Comparison

    ATI SunPower: PAR Values, Color Combos, and LED Comparison Watch and win an ATI SunPower T5HO Light + Bulbs—a $672.89 value!
  8. ReeferMadness80G

    Build Thread ReeferMadness80G’s Shallow SPS Reef

    We started with a pretty standard 2x6 frame for plenty of support for good sleep at night Cutting the floor out, thanks to a buddy who helped me it fit like a glove! See! Like a glove! So I decided to go with a 47" tall stand so if you add the 16" aquarium depth you're left with 63" to the...