ato system

  1. R

    Any good auto top off system for nano reef?

    Hello Everyone! I have a 13.5 gallon reef fluval Evo tank, i was looking for a decent but not crazy expensive auto top off system, ive done some research but I couldn't find anything good. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with one or know a system which is good and decent?
  2. reef fish

    Florida ATO AutoAQUA Smart ATO Lite

    AutoAQUA Smart ATO Lite brand new never used it $65 shipped
  3. heybae

    ATO nightmare

    So it’s 2am and I woke up to a waterfall noise my ato has overflowed my tank spilling out onto the floor.On top of that almost electrocuting myself. My salt levels dropped severely lucky I caught it only after a few minutes. I made some emergency saltwater mix and raised my salt levels. My...
  4. Reefer of Oz

    DIY ATO <$100: Aquahub Top-It-Off Kit Modification

    Yo yo! Whats up with them ATOs..... Salinity is one of the major parameters within our systems that requires our attention to maintain. Differences in salt mixing procedure and products aside, the one factor affecting salinity that all aquarists have to manage is that of evaporation. It...
  5. T

    New York Autoaqua AWC Auto Water Changer (Plus ATO). $85

    Autoaqua AWC Auto Water Changer (Plus ATO) for sale. Approximately 15-months old and is in good working condition. Missing two of the universal tube holders from original package but otherwise intact. One of the DC pumps is brand new as I used a larger pump to move new saltware from basement...
  6. Aqua Splendor

    (Video) XP Aqua Duetto REVIEW - Everything you need know about this Auto Top Off

    Hello, I bought the XP Aqua Duetto, a Auto Top Off (ATO) for compensate the water evaporation from the aquarium. It's a really tiny device, and do exactly what you need. Its also super precise, and despite what the company said about small aquarium and a tiny overflow, it just work perfectly on...