bacterial infections

  1. C

    EMERGENCY Goby with jaw and face deterioration

    I woke up and saw my little goby has a bad infection in the face/jaw area. I have her in quarantin and have started her on antibiotics. This however is my first sick fish and want any advice I can get. I am trying to feed her little pieces of brine shrimp but will not eat, I imagine there is...
  2. BighohoReef

    Dosing Cipro: What brand? Does it matter... My battle with BJD

    I'm dealing with a case of BJD and found this gem of an article (below) I want to give it a go but there is no reference to a brand of cipro (Ciprofloxacin)... I was gonna snag a bottle of Thomas Labs but then decided to take it to the forum. Experimenting with in-tank antibiotic treatments...
  3. R

    Help Treating Fin Rot

    Hi All, I have a Kole Tang and clown in QT that appear to have fin rot. I've just completed a 10 day treatment of Kanaplex and Furan 2, and now it seems the Tang is not eating. I've read that antibiotics can be an appetite suppressant, but for how long do the affects last? Also, will the fins...